Quotes Following Tulane's 66-55 C-USA Win Over FIU



Feb. 15, 2014

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"In the first half, we really let them dictate the pace a little bit. They slowed it down and grinded it out offensively. We walked the ball up the floor a little bit, we just didn't get our fast-break going in the first half. With our numbers and our style of play, we really needed to step up our tempo. In the second half, we did a much better job. We really challenged the players to get down the floor and get some easy baskets. We did that and took over the lead."

On what was going well in general
"I thought we did a good job on [Jerica] Coley, she ended up with 22, but she was 8-for-30 [shooting]. That was something we wanted to do. We knew she would get her points. We just wanted to make sure we didn't put her on the free throw line an excessive amount and give her open looks. Danielle Blagg was on her most of the game, really challenged her shots and made it very difficult or her to score."

On if Coley was their main weapon
"She's definitely their main weapon. When you have someone who's scoring 28.5 points a game, she's the one they're going to go to. We felt that when we took the lead, that's where they were going to go. At the end of the game, she was taking those 3s. They do have a nice group that rebounds very well. I thought that was something that came across in scouting - because you give so much attention to Coley, other players rebound and create off of that. They did that in the first half, too."

On how the team did defending Coley
"I think that some of her points were at the end of the game. We really did a nice job of making her shots very difficult. She had a tough time shooting with Danielle [Blagg] and Adesuwa [Ebomwonyi] on her a little bit. Really everyone switched off. There were times where Tiffany Dale would guard her. We did a nice job of challenging every shot and trying to just give her one because she is a good rebounder. When you have someone who's that potent on offense, you have to give her a lot of attention. I thought the team did a nice job defensively. It was a different kind of game plan than we had against Florida Atlantic where they have five shooters. This is one where they had one who really wanted to score."

On having four players in double figures offensively
"I thought we had great contribution from everyone. We really challenged Courtnie Latham to rebound and she had seven rebounds, six assists and one turnover. That's a really good game for a freshman. I thought she came in and gave real steady play. The nice thing is to see Courtnie and Leslie [Vorpahl] improving as the team improves and getting the experience that these guys have. I think that's going to make us a lot more difficult to play in the conference tournament."

On having a bye next week before returning to action on Saturday at UAB
"We are probably the last team to get a bye week. I think we really need it. Our players over the last four games have really been intense. Practices have been better than they've been, really, and they've been very focused throughout the conference season. I think we need this week. We need to rest and catch up in the classroom. We traveled quite a bit. This will be a good week to tweak some things that we need to before we go to UAB."

Junior Point Guard Jamie Kaplan

On what she felt the team did well today
"Like Coach said, I think we defended Coley extremely well. Then in the second half, I thought one of our strengths was getting the ball down the floor and running. We got a lot of baskets in transition. I'd say those were two of the biggest strengths today."

On if this was a defensive game
"I think it was a defensive game. It wasn't an excessively high score, but that was the focus. We didn't want Coley to go off and get 40 points or anything like that. We were really focused on squeezing and making other players make shots for them."

On Tulane having four players in double digits as opposed to just two for FIU
"That's why our team is difficult to play against. We have five or six different people that can score double digits every night. For an opponent, that can be very difficult to guard. I would rather a team like ours than a one-man team. Like you saw today, Coley went 8-for-30 but they lost."

Junior Forward Tiffany Dale

On what was working well today
"I definitely tried to do the things Coach tells me I do well which is run the floor. I got a lot in transition. Jamie saw me run the floor. I tried to rebound. We've been working on rebounding lot in practice - going for offensive boards or protecting the defensive boards. Those are two things that definitely went well for me."

On Tulane holding a 46-34 rebounding advantage
"We go into practice every day working on our rebounding. It's something we're getting better at. I know Adesuwa has been a beast on the boards so she definitely motivates me to box out my girl and get the rebound. It's just something we've been doing a lot better on as each game goes on."