Quotes Following Tulane's 61-45 C-USA Win Over Rice



Feb. 14, 2013

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

On Tulane's points off turnovers and fast-break points in the win
"Those were two of our goals going in. Rice does turn the ball over a little bit and we wanted to create some offense off of that, and we also wanted to use our speed. We felt that we had some speed on them and we wanted to get some easy baskets. In the second half, we did a much better job. In the first half, I don't think we did as good of a job in those areas."

On Rice having 14 offensive rebounds
"Well, they had eight at the half and we really thought that was what was keeping them in the game. In the second half, again, we really did a much better job. We made that lead when they only had one shot. That was a key stat, too."

On the importance of the win following Sunday's loss at Tulsa
"I think you need a win anyway. A lot of people took the Tulsa loss harder than I did. I think Tulsa is a good team and I think this league is very competitive. When you go on the road against those teams, it's hard. This is a team that we barely beat at their place. We knew this had to be a big game. Right now, they all count. Tonight, UTEP lost and that puts us in a better position, but we've got to take care of business."

On if the team understands the position they are in at this point of the 2012-13 season
"We've talked about it. I had a long talk with the seniors and talked about finishing their season. To me, this is their season now and I thought tonight they played like it and really did a tremendous job. They can write their own story is what I told them and I think they're really focused on doing that. It's hard to focus on 35 games, but to focus on seven is doable. I thought they showed tremendous leadership tonight."

On Janique Kautsky and Tyria Snow both scoring 15 points in the win
"I thought they did it on both ends. They put up points and they shot a great percentage, but on the other end they created turnovers. We did a great job on (Rice forward Jessica) Kuster. I know she had a double-double but it was not her usual night. They were a big part of that."



On Snow's performance off the bench
"Ty was very aggressive and attacked the basket really well. That's what we needed. I feel like we were settling for outside shots and she really attacked and created something in there. At halftime, we went in there with two free throws and it just didn't feel like we were being very aggressive. In the second half, we came out more aggressive."

On Tulane being able to pull away late in the second half
"I thought our defense clamped down better. I thought we did a better job of giving them (just) one shot in that last little bit, and when we got the rebound we were able to score on the other end. That really set a different tempo and a different tone."

On Sunday's match-up against Houston
"It is a tough opponent. I think what's scary about that game is when we beat them (earlier in the year), we played so well against them last time. We shot 52 percent and I don't know if you can plan on doing that again. They're very athletic and I think they're getting better as the season goes on. It's a dangerous game and we have to be ready to play."

On that game being Tulane's Play 4Kay contest to raise awareness for breast cancer research
"The pink game is always a nice thing for us. I knew Kay Yow my whole life, really. Every time I walk out for that game, I have fond memories of her. I think it's a great tribute to someone very special and it's a great way to bring recognition to this terrible disease. I do think that women's basketball has done a lot for cancer research and I hope we can continue to grow this in our game."

On if playing Houston just two weeks ago is an advantage or a disadvantage
"It's an easier prep because we remember them, but it is tough to turn around and play somebody (again) right away. It seems like a long time ago when we played at Marshall, but it's one of those games where I'm sure they're going to want a little revenge coming in here just because of the way we played."

Senior Wing Janique Kautsky

On Rice holding a 40-31 advantage in rebounding
"We knew they were a great rebounding team. Early on, we feel behind a lot on the offensive glass and Coach told us in the locker room that we had to do a better job of crashing the boards. That's really won some games for us. Even though they ended up winning on the boards, we stuck it out in the second half and I think that's what got us the win."

On her offensive performance against Rice
"Coach always tells me that I have to come out and be a threat and have confidence. Last game, I didn't shoot too well. Once I get going at the beginning of the game, I have more confidence throughout it. I came out shooting. Ty had a real good game, too. She attacked really well. We had to play big tonight so we could get this `W'."

On the difference between tonight's game and the four-point win earlier in the year
"They're always a tough match-up for us. Last year, we won here in overtime but we weren't really focused for our Tulsa game over the weekend. What we've been focusing on all week was to be focused. We actually changed out warm-up to get us more active for that and get ready for the game. I think everyone was just on their game tonight."

On if Tulane really needed this win after a tough loss last time out at Tulsa
"Definitely. We have seven more games and eight promised with the first game of the conference tournament. It's coming down to that crunch time and it was really important for us to get this. I think this is a good segway into these next six games that we have."

Senior Guard Tyria Snow

On her performance against the Owls
"All this week, we've been preparing on how they play their screens. The post players are going to come out and try to hedge our guards, and Coach was telling us that if we got that match-up to try and attack that slower defender and get to the goal if we can. If we can't, we'd just pitch it out to our shooters. I felt that I could get to the hole anytime I wanted to tonight, so that's what I tied to do."

On Tulane once again using a complete team effort in the win
"I think that's been really helpful. When you scout Tulane, you have to worry about everybody. It's not just one person who's going to come out and give you 20. You have to worry about all of us in uniform, really, because any of us can be the leading scorer that night. I think it's helpful and it takes pressure off of individuals."

On how the team defending Rice's Jessica Kuster
"It's always a difficult task. She's a great player. No one person is going to stop her, so I feel that tonight we gave a good team effort and we were able to hold her to 12 points...That was a good night for us on defense."

On how tonight's win will help with Tulane playing Houston for the second time in two weeks
"Whoever they put on the schedule at that time, that's who we're going to prepare for. It really doesn't matter. We have to play everybody at least once, so it doesn't really matter."

On how Tulane can maintain a good field goal percentage after hitting 46.4 percent tonight
"Just keep taking shots that you know you can make and have other people come in and take those shots as well. We're going to keep doing what we've been doing. It's working so far so we're going to keep doing it."