Quotes Following Tulane's 71-51 Conference USA Win At Houston



Feb. 9, 2012

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"This is definitely a tough year for them. (Roxana) Button is playing very well and is having to carry that load, but it was nice to play some different people, try some different things and not have to play everybody so long going into Sunday. A lot of people really contributed. I thought Adesuwa really played a great game tonight. It was good to get this win and get some momentum going to play UTEP. We felt like that was a game that got away from us and we want to get it back."

On Tulane's ability to get offensive rebounds
"That was one of our goals going into this. With them in the zone, we felt like we could rebound pretty well. We also felt that we could establish Brett inside and we did. We got 12 points out of Brett in just 24 minutes. That was good. I felt that we were active on offense. I would have liked to have seen maybe a little more intensity on defense, but offensively I thought we played very well."

On the Green Wave taking 28 3-pointers on the night
"In the first half, I thought we took too many just because we felt that we could get inside. You could see that we came back in the second half and were able to establish a presence inside. That was pretty effective. It was good to see us relax and play a little bit, and hit some of those shots. We're going to have to be ready to stay on the road and be ready to play one of our best games of the year."

On all 11 players scoring at least two points against the Cougars
"I think our team does a nice job of pulling for each other and really going out there and playing as a team. Toward the last six or seven minutes, we had mostly freshmen in there. It was good to see them get that experience of playing together out there. It was a good win. A conference win is a great win. We've got six more and we've got to be ready to position ourselves in a good spot (for the C-USA Championship)."



On Tulane responding after Houston cut the lead to four late in the first half
"I thought that last play in the first half was key. We got Turtle that 3 and she was able to knock that down. Then we came back in the second half and were really strong. That was good. We didn't really turn back and that took a little bit of pressure off of us."

On staying in Houston on Friday before leaving Saturday for a game against C-USA leading UTEP
"It gives us some time. It gives us two days with them. This isn't a bad trip, especially when you make it halfway and then you fly the rest. This gives us a little time to prepare and we're practicing here in Houston tomorrow afternoon. We'll have a nice trip and we're actually going to see the men's team play on Saturday night. That'll be good for our team to go in there and experience that atmosphere. We're going to give it our best shot. I think UTEP is very good. They're 20-2...but we're going to give it our best shot. I think the team feels confident and we'll do what we can do."

On if she feels the team should have beaten the Miners in the first head-to-head matchup this season
"We should have. It was a lot of mistakes on our part that gave them some opportunities, but I'm going to give UTEP a lot of credit. They took advantage of it and they were able to finish it off."

Senior Center Brett Benzio

On her performance against Houston
"We knew that they were 2-19 coming into the game, so we felt it was up to us to create our own momentum and that we couldn't rely on them to provide a challenge. Now that the season is kind of winding down and as we get to the end of the conference season, it's kind of hard to lead a team without going out there and doing it yourself. I can say all I want about how we need to come out focused, but if I don't come out and do it myself it's hard for people to follow you if you don't do your own thing."

On Tulane playing mostly freshmen late in the second half
"It was definitely fun. We were all over there cheering for them. It's great to see your teammates go out there and be successful on their own where they don't need an upperclassman out there to show them what they need to do and that they can handle playing on their own."