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Feb. 8, 2009

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton "Wow. I'm going to give the whole team credit for their intensity. I felt like we kept fighting."

"I told Brittany [Lindsey] the best pass of the day was to find Indira at the end of the game."

"We had four players in double-figures and that's what you have to have to be successful," head coach Lisa Stockton said.

"They have two players that were preseason all C-USA, and you can see why. They are the real deal. They just kept coming back and hit a couple three-pointers. They really drew fouls and pressed us."

"I'm very happy for Indira [Kaljo]. I was really concerned for her coming in, that she needs to treat it like another game. It's an important one, but she can't play like it means everything. I was worried she may put too much pressure on herself and be tight. But she really put it in the right perspective. It was just an unbelieveable performance. It couldn't have been a better written story, having her hit that shot."

"Megan Valicevic started the game with great intensity. She had six or seven rebounds in the first half and really set the tone for us. We were sending two back, so we knew our 3-4-and-5 had to rebound. That was tremendous."

"Our defense was feeling really good in the first half, but they got on a roll in the second. We knew we were in a foot race. Luckily we responded. Chassity [Brown] got some breakaways, and Ashley [Langford] hit some key free throws.

"As strong as our defense is, 40 percent shooting can win us games."

Junior Guard Indira Kaljo "It's funny because I was so ready for it. On the bench [late in the game], I thought 'Mom [and] God, please just let me hit this one.' Something told me 'you're going to hit winner tonight.' So when I missed that one, I was like 'Dang, what was that?!' and two seconds later, her comes Brittany with this pass - I don't even know from where - and I was thinking 'Put. This. One. Down.' And I did. You don't understand how happy, and how emotional I am right now. For my mom, for my team. We just never gave up and that's why we won this game tonight."



"Coach said 'You don't need to score 50 points to pay honor to your mom.' I've been living for this moment for years now. I told her 'Don't worry about this, I got this.' I knew the nerves were going to kick in, but I just wanted to use that as a positive."

"We've been in this situation way too many times, and sometimes we've given up and lost those games. I was just thinking 'Let's change this and let's win this. I was praying, I was talking to my mom, and saying 'Come on. Let's win this."

"Everything happens for a reason, I'm a true believer in that. As coach [Alan] Frey said [jokingly] 'Thank God that Brett [Benzio] fouled out and set up Indira for that play.'"