Quotes Following Tulane's 56-49 C-USA Win Over UTEP



Feb. 7, 2013

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"I thought we went out there and played defense about as well as we've played all year. This team is a very high-scoring team and a very good rebounding team. To be able to beat them without our two leading scorers, and also out-rebound them, was a tremendous effort."

On out-rebounding UTEP, 49-43
"I'll be honest in that I didn't know that we could out-rebound them. I was just hoping that we could make the margin small. One of our goals was to keep them from the offensive glass and to keep them out of offensive transition and scoring in transition. I thought we did a great job in both of those things tonight, and that really did change their offensive output."

On Olivia Grayson making ways to impact despite not shooting well from the field
"She always does. I think the one thing with Olivia Grayson is she does so many things well. You talk about her rebounding and her free throws that iced it for us. Also her assists. She does so many things with her floor game that people don't always realize."

On Grayson hitting 11 free throws in the second half to put the game away
"I'm disappointed when anyone else goes to the line because she's so good and I know that she's ice there. We want her to have those at the end of the game and she certainly didn't disappoint us."

On holding UTEP's leading scorer Kayla Thornton to nine points
"I thought we did a good job of playing their tendencies. We really didn't want to give her the 3. That was our goal. We knew she was going to post us up a little bit so we were going to try and keep her from scoring there. Janique was on her most of the night and I thought Janique did a good job of not losing her. Again, it was a total team effort. The steals weren't as much of a factor. It was how many times we got our hands on the ball that they didn't get the ball in or get the ball where they wanted it to go and they had to take a shot they didn't want."



On playing well against a team like UTEP without Blagg and Bibbins
"I said all year that I think our strength is that different players can come in and do things. Tiffany Dale has had two of her better games back-to-back from Houston to here. We've got some great players. Adesuwa came in and gave us some great minutes. She was really key. I thought Jamie Kaplan ran the show very well tonight. There were other players that came in and did good things. You want a team that is not dependent on one person or two people, and we showed that we are that team now."

On Tulane's three-game winning streak
"I think we're playing well as a team. That's what we have to talk about. It's not that one player is leading us or one part of game is so key. The other night against Houston, we shot 52 percent. We didn't shoot well today, but we defended. I think we're a balanced team and a well-rounded team."

On Tiffany Dale having double-doubles in consecutive games
"I thought she did the best job on (UTEP center Anete) Steinberga. We realized that as we went on. We didn't have her matched up with her initially. She really altered her shots a lot and wasn't fouling her so we left on there and she did a tremendous job. That's the one thing about Tiffany Dale. She's got a double-double but what she did defensively was just so important. I think Tiffany, in the last two games, has played as well as any player in our league."

On playing at Tulsa on Sunday on national television
"I certainly think it's a great opportunity to show our program. That's what you have to think about, but it's any other game. Tulsa is kind of a scary opponent because they play people so close and they play well. To go up there, it's kind of a tough place to play. We've got to be ready to respond. Also, with the conference tournament being there, we're kind of got to start thinking about Tulsa."

Senior Guard Olivia Grayson

On hitting 11-of-12 free throws in the second half
"When I was sitting on the bench, Coach was saying how we haven't been hitting our free throws so I knew that when I stepped up to the line I needed to be focused and just be in rhythm when I was shooting them. I know that I'm a good free-throw shooter so I was just confident stepping up to the line."

On if she is confident with the ball in her hands late and the game on the line
"Definitely. Over this past summer, Coach told me that I was going to have to be a leader and step up in different ways. That's just one of the ways I have to step up,"

On the impact of today's win
"It's a rematch of last year's conference championship game, so we had that in the back of our minds. We were tied with them in conference (before the game), so these are big games for us."

On getting to the free throw line late in the game
"You just have to be aggressive and ready to take the hit while not getting the turnover at the same time. It's a matter of just embracing the contact."

On playing without leading scorers Whitney Bibbins and Danielle Blagg
"We're a team so when somebody goes out - whether it's our top rebounder or top scorer - somebody has to step up. That's really been our mindset this whole season. If somebody else is out, somebody has to step up. Of course, we missed those guys on the court with us so we played even harder for them and got the `W'."

On out-rebounding UTEP tonight
"That was definitely our focus. We knew that in order to stop them and to beat them, we were either going to have to match them on the boards or out-rebound them. Going into this game, we've been really focusing on boxing out and crashing the offensive boards as well. We really focused on that this week in practice."

On how the team feels about its recent play
"We're obviously happy with where we're at right now, but we're not satisfied. We're always looking to make it better and always looking to take it to that next level."

Sophomore Forward Tiffany Dale

On the importance of tonight's game
"Our mindset was definitely to get the win. They knocked us out of the NCAA Tournament (by winning the C-USA Championship last year) so we made sure coming in that we were going to come in strong and do what we needed to do to get that win."

On her performance defensively
"When I go out there, I know my role. It's to be a defensive stopper. Coach is always telling me not to foul, but I know when the ball goes up the only thing I want to do is get that block."

On being able to out-rebound UTEP
"In practice, we were definitely working on our rebounding and boxing out. We knew that (Kayla Thornton) and (Chrishauna Parker) were going to be really strong offensive rebounders. We came in, we were strong, and we made sure we got the box out."

On Tulane's mindset late in the game
"We definitely needed to slow down. They changed the pace of the game. We were up and changed our tempo, but we knew that we had to be patient and execute on offense."