Quotes Following Tulane's 56-55 Come-From-Behind C-USA Win Over North Texas



Feb. 5, 2014

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Tulane Quotes

Head Coach Lisa Stockton

On what was not working for the team in the first half
"Honestly, nothing went well. I don't know which was worse, our defense or our offense. I thought we were tremendously flat on offense. For a team that shoots under 40 percent, they were shooting 66 percent percent against us in the first half. We just couldn't make a shot. It was a frustrating game a little bit in our shooting percentage. One thing we've talked about all year, and I think our team has done well, is that we can pick it up on defense if we're not shooting well and create some things. That's what happened in the second half. In the second half, we came out, got some steals and created more with our defense. We really held them in the first five minutes of the second half and got some momentum. Our goal was to cut it down bit by bit until the media timeouts and not try to catch-up by 20 - just cut it down. I felt when it got within four, our players could relax a little bit and be a little more patient on offense."

On needing this win after a tough loss
"The teams we've lost to in the conference are up in the top four. We've talked about a letdown. We've talked about respecting every team. I just think we came out really flat today. This was probably one the poorest first-half performances we've had all year."

On defense in the second half
"I think it was a different mindset in the second half. I felt that the team was so disappointed in the way they played in the first half they came out focused. Courtnie [Latham] really set a tone for us. We started her the second half and I thought she was really aggressive in attacking. That is was it takes. It just takes a couple of players to set that tone. She did that and our players really followed. We got those steals and were able to press and get something out of it."

On starting a different lineup in second half
"I just wasn't happy with how our starters were playing. We just didn't come out sharp and we didn't come out to win. I was really disappointed in the group that started tonight. Although I thought we came back and battled in the second half, we just can't have that. The one thing you have to guard against is complacency and I felt like you really saw that today. It was disappointing but there is something about this team that is special. We can win close games. I thought if we got that game close, we could pull it out and we did."

On the way her team battled despite the large deficit
"It wasn't a game for a long time. We did make it a game. I really give North Texas a lot of credit. They came out really sharp and played really aggressive defensively. They took a lot of things away from us. I'm disappointed in how we came out but I certainly think North Texas was ready to play today."

Freshman Guard Courtnie Latham

On setting the offensive tone or team
"Coach just said attack the basket. One of the goals was to get the free throw line."

On what the team takes from this game
"We can't take anyone or granted like we did from the start. We need to practice how we want to play. It definitely showed in the first half."

On starting the second half
"We knew that we had to cut it down bit by bit. We just played together, played hard and we finally did that."

Junior Forward Tiffany Dale

On her thought process during game winning shot
"We work a lot in practice on the rebounding and focused on our screens. Getting that rebound put us at an advantage to try and win the game at the end. Coming down we tried to execute the play. Leslie got fouled which was awesome. She made her first free throw then she definitely tried to make her second. Even though she missed it, we got the rebound and (Vorpahl) had a great vision for me to put in the winning shot."

On controlling North Texas' post players in the second half
"In the first half, we lacked communication. We did go in knowing what they were going to run. What was a disadvantage was communication. In the second half, we fell back into a zone which kept their bigs contained more than they did when we were in man. I think switching from man to zone definitely helped us in the second half."

Freshman Guard Leslie Vorpahl

On the energy of the team to get back in it
"It was definitely a different team coming out second half and Coach really got on us, as she should, in the locker room. It was kind of embarrassing for us in the first half so we knew we had to step it up and change our mindset and blow off the first half."

On if the game can define the season
"It definitely gives us that confidence when we're down in games knowing we can do this. We can come back and fight. Just staying in every game and never giving up in a game."

On coming away with a win after loss to UTEP
"We can fight through anything. Coach says in every game, it's 0-0 the next game. It doesn't matter what happened the game before that. We have to just come out every game and blow it off if it's a loss."

North Texas Quotes

Head Coach Mike Petersen

On his team setting tone early
"I thought we played really well defensively both halves. That is the best 3-point shooting team in our league and they go 2-for-25. Most of that is a credit to our kids. They did not give many good looks. They had Blagg out of there for a lot of the game because our kids did such a good job of identifying her and getting into her. I thought our kids did a great job of that. Then in the first half, I thought we got good shots and made them. We took care of the ball. We got good shots and knocked them down. Basketball is a make/miss game."

On what changed in Tulane's defense
"They were more aggressive. They came out and pressed a little bit. We prepared for it. They just came up and pressured a little bit. Frankly, we lost our minds. They did a great job and competed the game. They did a great job getting into us but that's on us for not taking care of the basketball. We made some of the most inexplicable turnovers ever. At the end of the day, they win this game because they get two offensive rebounds off of free throws. There is no skill in sport more individually accountable than blocking out free throw rebounding. The referee makes them stand still, makes them stand in designated area, let's you stand inside of them and doesn't let them move until the ball is gone. Block out. Their kids made great hustle plays on those two plays. They missed. All we had to do was get that rebound and the game ends. Then we end up fouling. That is what led to the make/miss situation. There were three rebounds, individual plays, where we needed to go get the basketball and we just didn't get it done."

On how his team bounces back from a loss like this
"We have a game Saturday. Eight-five percent of life is showing up. We are going to go back, go to work and show up. This is not the first game we have lost this way. We have had the lead in the second half in eight of our league games. We had a banked in 3 to beat us at the horne. We had this to loss at the horn. We missed a layup to lose at the horn. We are a pretty good basketball team that needs better competitive maturity. When we get better competitive maturity, we will close those games up."

On if he feels his team got tight as Tulane mounted its comeback
"I thought we lost our composure. You could see it in our faces. I kept telling them, `Guys, we are up 11. Good guys are ahead.' But you could see it in our faces that our demeanor had changed. And again, that is competitive maturity. Same team that was up 19 in the first half but had a different approach because the other team had made some baskets. We had made a couple of turnovers, and I have to help us improve there. When we do, we will be formidable. But until we do, I'm going to live Groundhog Day."