Quotes Following Tulane's 75-63 C-USA Win Over SMU



Feb. 5, 2012

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"I thought we played very well especially offense of late. We didn't turn the ball over a lot and we shot pretty well. They came back because the defense broke down we were able to switch up our defenses a little bit and shut them down. We've got to learn that teams this good are going to come back on you and you have to respond. That's on both ends of the floor. We responded offensively tonight but defensively, we broke down. Those upperclassmen came in and shut them down."

On the reason Tulane has played so well of late
"There's no question about why we're winning. We are playing better. We're not turning over the ball. We're shooting the ball better. When we've had those games where we lost some in the conference, we just didn't take care of the ball. Those two things are really solid."

On who stood out in today's win
"The nice thing is we are having different players emerge. You look at Kaplan, who the other day had such a big game. I thought Tiffany Dale had a great game here, and obviously I think this is one of Brett's better games of her career tonight."

On Tulane's ability to shoot better as the game progresses
"Some of that is we are starting to flow a little better. Our chemistry is a little better. With this many young players, they are going to figure it out along the way. I thought Danielle Blagg hit some shots in there, caught it within rhythm and scored. I think we're starting to gel a little bit more offensively of late. And again, I think some of it is a little bit more confidence."

On starting Tiffany Dale
"She's been playing well. I think even when she hasn't been scoring, people underestimate her. She changes shots, she's athletic, she gets out (in transition), she plays great defense and she got the ball to Brett quite a bit tonight. She does things for us and I felt like she's been giving us such good energy that she needed to come out there and start the game. She did and I just thought she did a super job."



On beating a team the quality of SMU
"One thing is when you go on the road in conference play, even a team like East Carolina is a challenge. This is a team where we have to go back to them so you feel like you definitely need to get them at home and then go on the road and feel a lot better about your chances. We've got some tough games coming up on the road but even if they are some teams that don't have great records, they are tough to play on the road. You look at Southern Miss who beat Memphis, so we've got a lot of games to be played and we got some challenges ahead."

On Tulane's upcoming road trip to Houston and UTEP
"We can't overlook Houston and our team wants another shot at UTEP. We kind of gave that game away but Houston has gotten a lot better. They played SMU pretty close and they're playing a lot better. We have to make sure that we don't overlook them, so that's probably my emphasis this week - to focus on the game ahead."

Senior Center Brett Benzio

On her offensive performance against SMU
"They were trying to key in on me at first. Once our guards started attacking and creating, they couldn't key on me anymore and had to help. They weren't prepared to help at all and it just left me pretty much open or in the scoring position. The guards just found me and did a good job of passing the ball today."

On the starters coming up big after the Mustangs cut the lead down to two
"I think it's just something we know in our minds that we need to be leaders of the team as upperclassman because a lot of the starters are upperclassman. We know that we need to be the leading energy on the team and we need to go out there and pretty much show everyone else where their level of energy needs to be. We came out kind of flat at the East Carolina game as the leaders, and today we did a great job of coming off of that and fixing it."

On her blocking efforts helped changed the game late
"I led the conference in blocks last year and it's something that I think they have to worry about me being inside of the paint and it changes how the guards can play and how they can protect the basket. I think in this game, I wasn't as big of a presence because their post players because I think (Akil Simpson) had 25 points off ofensive rebounds and things like that, so I think that block right there pretty much sealed the deal on the fact that they weren't going to be able to attack the basket anymore."

On scoring Tulane's first 11 points of the second half
"I was just trying to help my team any way. I couldn't get open since they were keying in on me in the first half a little bit more, and they somehow forgot about me in the beginning of the second half. I converted for my teammates."

On the importance of today's win
"I think for all of the underclassmen who haven't been through the conference play where it's a long season - this is a much longer season than in high school - and we still have a lot more games to play. I just think for them to get in over the hump of the middle of the season, getting tired, getting beat up and just getting over it."

Junior Guard Tyria Snow

On her six-assist performance
"I've just got a give credit to my teammates. It's a whole-team effort. Those players are getting open and when they get open, they hit shots. I'm able to give them the pass so it's a credit to my teammates for making the open looks."

On her success of late
"We have a very young team so Coach always preaches to me that the point guard is someone who takes charge. The point guard is the coach on the court so anytime someone is out of position, I just try to help them any way I can."

On Tulane's late run to put the game away
"Coach is always talking about defense of intensity and I think in those three or four minutes, we got three steals in a row. Our defense turned into our offense. We were able to get out in transition and score some easy buckets that way."

Freshman Forward Tiffany Dale

On making her first career start
"I was really nervous about starting but we always know the game plan and I had a nice pep talk with Coach Stockton before the game. She gave me a lot of confidence before the game to go out there and do what I needed to do on the court. I tried to do the best I can. Coach tells me what I need to do and I try to do what's expected of me."

On getting off to a fast start offensively against SMU
"After practice I go at least five minutes with Coach Frey. He really helps me with my shot faking and going right where my weakest points are. With my coaches telling me what I can get better at, that's what I try to do."