Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 74-56 C-USA Win At Houston



Feb. 2, 2013

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Overall thoughts on the game
"One thing that we did was we played mostly zone today. We felt we were big and we could keep them out of the paint. That's where (Houston's Porsche) Landry really creates a lot. A couple of the shots she made were great shots. I don't know if we could have defended those anyway. It definitely was a good team effort and we shot the ball well. That's something that we struggled with the last two games - just hitting open shots. I thought Tiffany Dale played a super game. She was so controlled and it was probably the best game of her career. Then you've got Blagg doing that and Tyria Snow did a nice job. And also, Olivia Grayson struggled a bit this week (due to illness) but came in and gave us some great minutes."

On shooting a season-high 52.5 percent from the field
"Janique (Kautsky) did the best job of starting us off. She hit those two shots to start off the game and that really took some of the pressure off of our offense. She looked really relaxed and finished 6-for-8. I'll take that shooting percentage any night. That was how I think Janique can play as far as being an offensive threat. She did a super job with that. I've got to give credit to our guards. They really drew people off and found the shooters. It was a great team performance for us tonight."

On the performance of the Green Wave's guards against the Cougars
"You look at it and we had 21 assists. We lead the league in assists by a lot and this certainly helps that. That's the kind of team we are. We talk about our depth and what we can use there. I think we showed that today. Defensively, we missed some assignments, and we're going to pick that apart, but overall it was a great performance."

On coming away from the road trip 2-0
"It was a good road trip. The one thing that happens on the road is you really get a lot of time with them and you can talk with them about a lot of things. Ty Snow is in a good place right now. She's helped us with that confidence. Blagg is one of those people that can really score and that we really rely on. I'm certainly happy. It's hard to go on the road, miss class and all of that. We've got a big game coming up with UTEP and I'm glad we played well today."



On the upcoming week with a home game against UTEP and a road contest at Tulsa on tap
"There's no time to rest. UTEP is playing really well. They're a team that if you want to finish at the top, you've got to take them on. The other one is Tulsa. Tulsa's really had a lot of close games lately. They've lost some, but they're really playing well. This is a big week for us."