Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 55-52 C-USA Loss To East Carolina



Jan. 27, 2013

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Opening statement
"It was probably the most physical game we've had this season. East Carolina gave up 110 more free throws to their opponent than they shoot, so we knew that was going to be a stat. We felt that we needed to get to the free throw line. Obviously in the first half, we wanted to go more than 12 times but we were 11-for-12. In the second half, they're just not going to give you those wide-open shots and they're going to ride you. We got (to the free throw line), but we didn't capitalize on them like we should have."

On how the team planned to neutralize the Pirates' defense in today's game
"I thought we got to the free throw line. That's one way that you do it. We got offensive rebounds, but we didn't always finish those. They switch on a lot of screens and we got some mismatches. I thought Chinwe really took advantage of a lot of those. She did a nice job. Some things we really executed. They got too many offensive rebounds. I would like to see us do a better job there. When you hold a team to 31 percent (from the field), you need to win. It's not like their 3s were tremendously effective the whole game. The 3 out there really killed us. It wasn't like they were really looking for a 3 and they hit it right behind the dribble weave. That was a tough thing to recover from. We were right in it until then. And again, we had some free throws in the last four minutes that really would have helped us a lot."

On Tulane not being able to get going offensively
"The one thing is when they play like that, you're going to have to get shots from different people and people who really attack. Danielle (Blagg) did some really good things tonight. She had nine boards and was all over it defensively. She just didn't get a lot of looks and she's not that attacker. I thought we fought really hard. Our effort was there. It's just that our execution wasn't."

On Whitney Bibbins not starting today
"I think Whitney came in and got some rebounds in the first half and did some things. This was just such a physical game that you have to have some energy for. We didn't know if she would have the energy in the second half to come in and do that or not. I thought we got some good play from our bench. You can talk about Chinwe. You can talk about Ty Snow. Brittany McDonald came in and did a couple of good things. I thought Adesuwa came in and did some things. Our bench has done a great job for us. Again, you just have to close out games in those last four minutes. You have to play perfect in those last four minutes."



On if fatigue was a factor late in the ballgame
"It might have been a little bit. We had to work a little harder offensively. I thought some of the shots that we hit around the 10-minute mark, we had the same shots. It was really physical down there and they actually called a lot of fouls. We just couldn't hit the free throws."

On opening the year as the C-USA favorite and sitting 3-2 in league play
"First of all, the preseason ranking was a sign of respect. It was great for our kids. We're still really young. This league is too strong. East Carolina came within six points of the University of North Carolina. They're a good team. This league is probably not going to won by an undefeated team. There's only one left. Sometimes it's the regular-season championship and sometimes it's trying to play for position in the tournament. We are five games into a 16-game schedule, so it's a little too soon to worry about anything."

On if losing at home hurts more
"It does, but we've always been a good road team. I for some teams, it would be pretty disastrous. The thing for us is we play pretty well on the road and I think we can make it up. We've had good teams here. That's the big thing. We've had good teams here and we've let a few slip away, but we can regroup."

On where the team goes from here
"I think we're still playing well. We didn't shoot good tonight, but we held that team to 31 percent shooting. We out-rebounded them. I think we're playing well. I think they made shots down the stretch to beat us. I don't think we're playing bad. We shot bad today. I don't think it's all broken. I thought our Memphis game was probably our best game of the year and that was just a week ago. I don't think you try and fix something that's not broken. We just have to take a look, learn from this and move on."