Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 78-76 Overtime Win At Charlotte



Jan. 22, 2014

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Opening statement
"First of all, we had some adversity in the first half with fouls and had to play some different players. I thought our kids really stayed in there and went in [at halftime] with a three-point lead with a lot of people sitting on the bench. We came back in the second half and got down by six or seven, and I really like how our team responded. We came in and made plays, especially in those last five minutes. They're tough to stop. They've got an inside game and an outside game and they've got somebody that can penetrate. We played a zone through most of the second half because we just couldn't keep them out of the paint. The referees were calling a lot of tagging and things like that, and it was just hard to guard them. It was a good finish and I'm glad to see that our team can win close games. We've played three overtime games this year and we're 3-0, so that's a good sign."

On Tulane scored 23 points off 14 Charlotte turnovers
"We did some good things with our fast break to convert. It was different players coming in and making plays. I felt bad. Tierra [Jones] really helped us defensively but she couldn't move without them calling a foul. Our kids really stayed in it. I love our attitude. We don't drop our head. We talked about the kid hitting the 3-pointer to put it in overtime. She can hit it, but it's not necessarily what she does, and I thought our team really responded to that. In November, we would drop our heads. Today, we came back, fought and won."

On getting major contributions from several players during Wednesday's win
"Again, I think that's when we're good. We spread the ball around. We had the big number with 18 assists, and we win when that's there. We did a good job with that. Tiffany Dale's elbow is really bothering her and she missed a couple of shots in there, but she had that big play in there when we had that pick and roll. It was a beautiful play and we really needed it. Obviously, getting the rebound [after the two missed free throws late in overtime] was big. Overall, it was a great, gutty performance. I think Charlotte is a really good team."



On the performance of junior guard Danielle Blagg
"I was really glad to see the way Danielle played. She was coming off a really good game and you know that they were going to be all over her. She still got shots off tonight. Our guards did a good job with that, but she also stayed in those shots. They fouled her because they were trying to not give her those shots. She had two chances for three free throws in there, but she stayed in it and got her points from the free throw line. That's something that she's learning she can do. It was good to see her come out and play with control with all that pressure on her."

On the upcoming opponent, Louisiana Tech
"It's Louisiana Tech and it's a Louisiana team. We don't really play anyone from Louisiana in the conference so this is the first time that we have that [in-state rivalry], and it's always a good game. We played them last year and they're a good team. The one thing we have to do with this team is we have to make sure that we're motivated for everybody that we play. I think we were very motivated tonight, but we have to turn around on Saturday and be motivate again."