Quotes Following Tulane's 72-62 Conference USA Win Over Memphis



Jan. 20, 2013

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Tulane Head Coach Lisa Stockton

On Tulane's slow start offensively and the turnaround in the second half
"I really wasn't upset at halftime. I felt our effort was the best it's been all year. Our effort for 40 minutes was the best it's been. We really were aggressive. This team leads the conference in scoring and we held them to 24 at the half. We're a good shooting team and we felt that would come around. We were doing the right things (in the first half). The shots just weren't falling."

On playing without leading scorer Whitney Bibbins
"It was tough because we didn't know until this morning. She just doesn't feel well at all and doesn't feel like she could go. She's been sick for a couple of days. I felt that the team really stepped up. Whitney really rebounds well and it looked like Danielle, Tiffany and Turtle got some of those rebounds. We have a balanced team when it comes to scoring and it was good to see tonight. That's the kind of team that can win a lot of games when you have that kind of balance."

On what Bibbins sat out with
"Everybody on the team has had something and I think she feels really bad. This is just an intense game. We knew that this game was going to be really up-tempo. We've got a week before we play again so hopefully we'll have her back for next Sunday."

On Tulane having four players in double figures and Memphis getting 31 from Nicole Dickson
"If it were my choice to have one person that could score 30 or a lot of people that can score 12, I would pick that because you don't rely on one person. Dickson is a special player. We played a lot of zone, almost all zone tonight, and I think that gave her more looks than teams like to give her. But we felt that she alone wouldn't beat us. In the end, that's what happened."



On Daneille Blagg earning her first start of the season against Memphis
"Danielle has been playing well. It's not just tonight. She's played well. She had eight 3s two games ago. I thought she was really key in our Rice win. There was no hesitation. We really have a lot of starters. Putting Danielle in that role was not a problem at all. She's started before and did a super job. And like I've said, it wasn't just scoring. She rebounded. She defended. She's a complete player. I think sometimes people just look at her shooting, and that's not the case. She's a good athlete. She can jump and rebound. I think when you see that, you can see what a complete player she is."

On Tulane getting the win against a Memphis team it will only play once during the regular season
"We talk about that in the locker room. When you play on the other side, you get one shot at them so it's very important because there is a tie-breaker for whatever position it is that you get that win. It's very key. They've got a good team. They've had a great season and they have a good team. It was a testament to our team today."

On Jamie Kaplan scoring a season-high and team-leading 14 points
"I thought Jamie played really aggressively. She drove to the basket, got to the free throw line, and she ran the show. With her out there, the communication is so good. Our tempo today was probably the fastest we've played with and I think a lot of it starts with that position."

On how her team responded to a big run by Memphis midway through the second half
"It still comes down to being able to get stops and transitioning off of those stops. When they made that run, they made some good shots. We didn't dip our head. We came back and attacked offensively. That's when we got some free throws and some easy shots. I felt our team handled that really well. Sometimes when a team makes a run on you, you're a little deflated. Our team came back and really came back stronger."

On Tulane scoring 20 fast-break points against the Tigers
"That was a key for us. We feel like we have great players in the full court. That's something we didn't do well last year. We've worked on it during the offseason and didn't feel like we've capitalized on it. Tiffany Dale as our five can run as fast as anybody in the league. She got a couple of runouts today, too.

On what she hopes to get out of the long break before playing again next Sunday vs. East Carolina
"Rest. We've had a tough little go here with the travel to Marshall and Rice, and the quick turnaround for this opponent. Everybody has been a little sick, so hopefully this week will help us recover and we'll go on to the second half of the conference season."

Tulane Senior Guard Olivia Grayson

On answering Memphis run midway through the second half
"Basketball is a game of runs so when they go on a run, we just have to keep our composure, get stops on the defensive end and put the ball in the basket on our end. That's when you really have to focus on executing, slowing the ball down and setting up your own offense."

On the performance of Danielle Blagg during her first start of the season
"Danielle spreads the court. If you're not out there denying her the ball, then she's going to hit 3s. If you're are out there denying her the ball, we're going to get in the lane. She just makes the defense work harder."

On the team winning its third-straight Conference USA contest
"We just take it one game at a time. Losing that first game gives you a little spark. It makes you refocus and remember that each game really counts. We try to come out and play with intensity each game."

On the performance of Memphis' Nicole Dickson
"We knew that she was going to be a good offensive threat. She was preseason all-conference, so we know that she spreads the court as well because she shoots the 3. She shoots it early in transition, so while you're matching up and trying to find other people, she finds a way to just score. She's tough. To play through the injury that she's had, she's a special player."

Tulane Sophomore Guard Danielle Blagg

On her thoughts after learning she would start today against Memphis
"Whitney is our go-to player. Not having her in this game, Coach told us from the beginning that we were going to have to step up and I think we all did. I'm happy I got the start, but Whitney is our go-to player. I hope she comes back soon."

On what her ability to shoot from 3 does for the team
"It definitely helps. I think I need to start figuring out other ways to score than just the 3 because that's not always going to be available. It just happened to be that in transition. Sometimes I would have that open 3."

On not being able to take advantage of offensive rebounds early in the game
"During halftime, Coach told us that we weren't shooting well. She said to just kind of breathe, take a second and go back up with it."

On how the team was able to readjust following Memphis' run in the second half
"I just always look to my teammates. We have a great, supportive system. That's going to happen. A run is going to happen for Memphis or whoever. We just have to stay together and keep our composure."

On her approach heading into next Sunday's game against East Carolina
"East Carolina is a good team. We have this week off so I know we'll be working hard and working on what we need to. We need to keep going and keep the tempo up."