Quotes Following Tulane's 52-41 C-USA Win Over UAB



Jan. 19, 2012

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"I give a lot of credit to our offense today, except for our turnovers. We shot the ball well. That was the thing - coming out, trying to get good shots and hit the shots we had. Amber Jones was so hot in the first half and got one point in the second half. That was the key to stopping the run."

On being able to close out the game after dropping a pair of C-USA games in the final minutes
"In the UTEP game and the Rice game, we felt like four minutes at the end of the first half and four minutes at the end we didn't perform very well. We really focused on that. Sometimes the power of suggestion is a bad thing. Tonight, I thought we really focused on it, watched the clock and were a lot more patient with the ball."

On if she thought Benzio's scoring inside changed what UAB was doing defensively
"It really did. I thought Brett moved really well without the ball. We got her the ball and she was able to score in there. That really changed a lot. They had a lot of guard pressure and they had to come off of it."

On Olivia Grayson's offensive performance tonight
"She shot the ball so well today and that really gave us some confidence. I think at this point, it's all about confidence in our offense. When she was on, the team really responded positively."

On the way her team closed out the game
"We had a few turnovers and that was a little scary, but I thought we kept our spacing and were able to run out the clock a little bit. We did a much better job than we did the other night."

On how important a win against UAB was for the team's confidence
"I thought we played a little nervous and that we were afraid to lose at times, but we really needed this. We needed to beat a good team, and it's nice to beat them by double figures to feel like we can do it and that nothing's wrong. I thought we made that statement today. Hopefully we can relax and just play again."



Senior Center Brett Benzio

On being able to close out the game as opposed to two of the Green Wave's previous three C-USA losses
"We've been focusing the last couple of days in practice on once we get up to finish it out. We've been doing some scrimmaging drills that if you're up, you've got to be able to hold it out and then finish off the half. That's something that we've been struggling with in these losses. We'll get up and in the last three or four minutes, we'll just let the other team come out, hit open shots and take advantage of some turnovers. We were working on protecting the lead."

On if she felt her presence in the post early in the game created problems for the UAB defense
"Once they got it into me a few times, the other team knew they couldn't just key in on our guards and that they were going to have to guard us up in the frontcourt as well as the backcourt. It put a lot less pressure on our guards to know that they would always have an outlet in one of us posts."

On losing some momentum at the end of the first half and closing things out in the second
"We had a lead and we definitely lost it. We were only up two at the half, and we were like, `Hey guys, we need to refocus. This is the stuff we've been working on. Right now is the time to figure out and make it work because we're only up by two. We have to be able to get a lead in the second half and maintain it.' We were all pretty much focused on what we needed to do. It was a team-wide thing. It wasn't just one or two people. It was everybody and I think that's why we were so successful tonight."

Junior Guard Olivia Grayson

On Tulane's defensive effort tonight against UAB
"We've been focusing on defense from the beginning of the year because we feel that if we can stop somebody from scoring, we have enough scorers to score more points than the other team. If we execute our offense, we usually get some easy shots. We felt like UAB had three main scorers, and if we focused on them and didn't let anybody else get too hot that we'd be alright."

On closing out the win late in the second half
"We came into the locker room at halftime and we said to ourselves that we let the ball drop at the end of the first half. That's something that we had been working on because in these past couple of games, that had been out downfall - just not closing out games and letting the team get back in it at the end of the game. We really wanted to focus on that in the second half - just putting them away early and finishing strong."

On if she felt Tulane's defense frustrated UAB
"Definitely. We were pressuring them, and not letting (Amber Jones) get open shots. Ty did a great job on her tonight. We were there to help and didn't let them run their offense the way they wanted to."