Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 69-65 C-USA Win At Rice



Jan. 17, 2013

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On getting key minutes and production from senior center Ashley Westby
"I thought she and Chinwe (Duru) both gave us some size in there. Tiffany (Dale) got those two fouls in the first few minutes and we went in there with the big kids. I thought Westby played really well and Chinwe made a couple of good moves in there. It was good to see them make a presence. We went to a zone and when we went to that zone, just having a bigger player in there really helped us. We left them around the basket, which was key. I thought Rice shot really well. They're a team that doesn't shoot that well and they shot the lights out at times tonight. They just don't do that very often."

On switching to a zone defense midway through the first half
"I thought we could find (Rice forward Jessica) Kuster a little better in that zone, although she did hit that 3...I felt that we didn't lose her as much. When we were in man, we were in help-side and things like that, and we lost her on those rebounds. We were able rebound a little bit better in the zone. We did make some mistakes and they did get some fouls. They were in the 1-and-1 pretty early (in the second half) which was concerning."

On holding Jessica Kuster below her scoring and rebounding averages, including a two-point second half
"One of the keys is obviously her offensive rebounding. She scores a lot on her offensive rebounding and we gave her one offensive rebound tonight, which was really important. We did give the rest of the team quite a bit. I think that's something we really concentrated on. We did a pretty good job with that and keeping her under a double-double was pretty important."

On being 5-of-14 from the free throw line in the second half
"We were 12-for-23 for the game and we were No. 1 in the league in free throw shooting. Ashley had four and she was 1-for-4. Danielle (Blagg) usually hits hers. She's in the 70 percent range. Some of the people - you look at Tiffany Dale and she missed two tonight - they're usually the ones that hit it. One of our goals was to get to the free throw line more because I felt we weren't aggressive enough. We did do that tonight. We just didn't capitalize on it."



On the continuing maturation process of her team to date
"I thought we made a couple of mistakes. We took a shot a little quick in one of the offenses, and I wanted Turtle to have that ball there at the end. She passed it to Danielle, and not that Danielle can't shoot them, but when you're leading the league in free throw shooting you want to have that person with the ball, especially when we have the jump ball. I just wanted her to cover it up and we'd be able to start again. But we are doing a good job. We're getting the ball up the court. We're defending. The nice thing is we were getting stops at the end.

On the performance of senior wing Janique Kautsky
"I thought Janique played a really good game tonight. Defensively, she had her hands on everything. She attacked. It was kind of like the Janique we saw early in the season, and it was good to see her having that confidence."