Coach Stockton's Quotes Following Tulane's 67-57 C-USA Win At Marshall



Jan. 13, 2013

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Opening statement
"One thing that we did differently in the second half was we got the ball out and we really attacked. Our post players attacked. We ran the ball more. That was something going into the game that we felt we had to do, and that got Danielle free for a lot of open looks. When we jogged the ball up, we just couldn't get her open."

On containing Marshall's Chukwuka Ezeigbo on the boards after she dominated early
"She's a great rebounder and one of the things we talked about was that she's taller than we are so you just can't box her out and let her get the ball over you. You really have to push her out. In the second half, I thought we did a better job of pushing her away from the basket. She got a couple of over-the-back calls and that was really key because she couldn't be as aggressive after that."

On to what she can attribute Tulane's sluggish start offensively
"It was execution...I felt that was one of the things that we didn't do very well against SMU. There were timing issues. Today, we were running well, we were executing, we were getting good shots and we were hitting them when we got our feet set."

On the performance of sophomore guard Danielle Blagg
"You talk about someone in the zone, she was really in the zone. The nice thing is that she just kept in rhythm. She didn't try to do anything different. When they came at her, she drove to the basket and got to the free throw line. I thought it was a very balanced day for her. We took her out with 30 seconds left because I thought she was going to pass out. I really thought she was going to fall down and I was afraid that she was going to get hurt. But she's a sophomore and she's got plenty of time (to get the record). What a tremendous performance. Those shots going in were so key and I think that really took the air out of their sails."

On what the team will work on between now and Thursday's game at Rice
"Getting to Rice is a whole lot easier than getting here and that makes it nice. One of the things I'm looking forward to is we're starting classes tomorrow and we're getting back on schedule. Sometimes it's challenging for us to not be on schedule. I think we've got to learn from these two games and really look at some film and show some players some different things. I think Chinwe (Duru) is really starting to be more consistent and that's really key for us. We have to have multiple scorers. I thought Janique (Kautsky) got a lot of looks tonight and just couldn't knock them down. Olivia Grayson has been shooting the ball well. Getting some scoring inside is really key."