Quotes Following Tulane's 62-56 C-USA Opening Loss To SMU



Jan. 10, 2013

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Opening statement
"We certainly started Conference USA play with a really good team. I thought that was a well-played game on both parts. I commend our defense. I felt that if you take a team that averages 75 points per game and hold them to 62. We had a couple of fouls at the end that they converted just to get back in the game. We just had to execute better on offense. We didn't finish in the paint. We were trying to get to the free throw line more than we did. I thought we were aggressive to the basket and just didn't get the calls. It was very physical tonight. In the last three minutes, we just couldn't score."

On SMU shooting 46.2 percent from the field in the second half
"We missed some opportunities executing wise - not using our screens and things like that - but we were still right in it. What was key was we had a couple of turnovers and they got a couple of offensive rebounds. That was the game. It was that close all the way, even with them shooting well. It was a one-point game or even all the way through. Those couple of things happened, we were down three and we just never could close it out."

On Tulane racing out to leads of 8-0 and 12-2 early on
"I was happy with our defense because I do think (SMU) can really score. I never thought the game wasn't going to be close tonight. I knew it would be. We did a good job of giving them one-and-done on the rebounds, and we were able to attack and score. I felt good about our defense being able to hold them. Again, we just need to be more efficient on offense."

On the Conference USA race being a full 16-game schedule
"We lost to a good team tonight, so it's important not to overreact. I think they're very good and very physical. We started with a good team in conference and we just have to learn from that and move on. I think all of our players felt we could win that game just as easily as we lost it. That's part of the battle - for the team to know that they can change their destiny and I think we will."



On the importance of her team realizing this is just one game on the 16-game C-USA schedule
"It's just one game. I don't believe anybody is going to go undefeated. I think this league is very, very even. You certainly want to win the ones at home, but it's going to be to the wire as to who wins this league. We just have to learn from it and grow. We say it all the time but we're very young, especially some of the players who are making plays for us. We've just got to learn and move on."

On senior guard Olivia Grayson moving into the Top 10 in Tulane history in points, rebounds, assists and steals
"It's amazing. She had tremendous stats coming into the season when you think what she's been able to do as an all-around player. I think you have people who can score, or can rebound or can block shots, but for someone to do all the things that she's done, that takes a special kind of player and they've got to appreciate all the other things about the game which she does. I love coaching her. She's just one of my favorite kids and it'll be a sad day when she leaves."

Senior Guard Olivia Grayson

Overall thoughts on Tulane's 62-56 loss to SMU
"They're a tough opponent whenever we play them. We usually split with them in conference. We had some calls not go our way and they got some open shots on the defensive end because we missed some rotations. It's still early in conference play and it's something we need to fix."

On the performance of SMU guard Keena Mays
"She's good off the dribble and she can shoot the 3. It's always tough to defend when you're defending a guard who can do both, and she finds her post players well also. We knew going into the game that she was going to be a great scorer. We just wanted to limit her. She had 27 so I guess we didn't do that."

On Thursday's game being just one of a 16-game conference season
"It's only the first game of conference. We can't look at this and get down on ourselves because there's still a lot of basketball to play. We did some good things. We did some things well. We didn't execute down the stretch, but we executed well throughout the game. We just have to focus on the positive and fix the little things that we did wrong."

On cracking the Top 10 in Tulane history in points, rebounds, assists and steals
"I didn't have any idea. I'm just out there playing. If the records come, they come."

On her overall performance against the Mustangs
"Coach had been talking to me this week and was just saying to be confident. I had really lost my confidence because a lot of the shots I usually make, I haven't been making. My teammates have just been in my ears to continue pushing because I work hard. They were telling me that it's all going to come together, just to trust in my teammates and trust in my coaches, and just be confident and know that I've put in the work."

On what the team needs to focus on to improve the rest of the season
"Communication on defense. A lot of the open shots that they got were on not switching on ball screens and not executing our defensive schemes correctly. We've really been working on that and being focused because even when we do communicate we're not listening. We have to remember that communication is a two-way street."