Quotes Following Tulane's 81-41 Win Over Loyola



Jan. 7, 2013

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Opening statement
"It's been a while since we've played so it's good to have a game under our belt. I thought we did some good things, especially in the second half. The intensity was very good defensively and the defense really created our offense in the second half."

On the team's defensive effort in the second half
"I thought we were just more aggressive. We were more aggressive on the ball, we took some things away and it was one shot and they were done. We created quite a few turnovers and we were able to start our fast break off of that."

On what the message was to her team in the final non-conference game of the regular season
"The message this week has really been to use this game to make us more consistent going into conference play because all of the games count. There's not a game that you're going to play that you're not going to regret later if you don't win it. We start off with the tough part of our (conference schedule). SMU is a very, very good team and we're going to have to play well. They shoot the ball very well. We're not going to be able to miss on our rotations. We really challenged ourselves more defensively tonight than offensively to correct the mistakes that we've made."

On the play of the Green Wave reserves throughout the season so far
"When we put five players on the floor as starters, they're not necessarily always our best players. Our bench has played great all year. I thought Brittany McDonald had a great game today and added a lot of leadership to it. It was good to see her play with such confidence."

On the performance of her younger players in today's ballgame
"With our schedule, we just haven't really had the opportunity to let players play through mistakes. When you look at our big kids, who are young, there have been games that we're trying to win, they make mistakes and we have to sub them out. I thought tonight they were able to play and gain some confidence, and we were able to see what they could do in a game situation."

Senior Wing Janique Kautsky

On what the team's goals were for today with the start of conference play coming on Thursday
"We worked a lot during the week on post/guard touches and a lot of breakdown stuff and we squeezed in this game because conference (play) got moved back a week. We used this as a way to execute our plan offensively and to learn our scout. It was great to get in one last (non-conference) game, and we came out and gave our best to prepare for Thursday."

On what was working defensively tonight against Loyola
"I think we played as a team. Everyone was up and everyone got touches in the paint. We played hard on defense and we worked hard to come up with those steals and rebounds, and scoring as well. It was a great win for us. I think I said it before, but the second half isn't usually as great as our first so today we came out and showed it to them in preparation for conference."

On holding the Wolfpack without a field goal over the first 10:12 of the second half
"Coach had said to limit them. We didn't want them to score, but we obviously had to give up some. We just came out really hard and stopped them. We're a real good, athletic team and we know what we're capable of. All week, we've been bashing each other around. There have been a couple of black eyes and injuries, so we had to come out and take it out on Loyola like we had been on each other."

On opening Conference USA action on Thursday against SMU
"Conference is finally here and I think we've had a great preseason, but now it's time to really focus on these next 16 games and lead into the conference tournament. We really have to play our scout now, and I think we did that great today. We executed it and I think we're prepared for SMU on Thursday."

Freshman Center Chinwe Duru

On the team's goals heading into today's game
"Today's game was really about executing and doing what we do best. We've been working on our defense and working on our offense, so getting this game before the conference start was really a way for us to better our game and get ready for conference play."

On if playing their next door neighbor added something to today's matchup
"It's always great to play the team right across the street. It's kind of like a rival, so it's always great to be a rival and always great to beat a rival heading into your first conference game to get you built up and get you excited."

On the performance of the Tulane bench players not only tonight but all season so far
"It's really great. We're one of the lucky teams that has a great reserve bench that is able to come out and contribute like our starters. It's really fortunate, and we're really lucky to have reserves that can up the game, up the ante and make it interesting. You can't just think that our starters are going to win the game (alone)."

On her performance individually
"The coaches have really been on me to play up to my potential. It finally all clicked today. I was finally able to do everything, put it together and have the game that I did today. I was lucky. I guess lucky is my word today."

On potentially playing in her first Conference USA game on Thursday
"I'm excited. Getting the No. 1 preseason poll pick was exciting and it really puts us up on our game. It makes us come out and have to make a statement. We were picked No. 1for a reason and it's time to prove ourselves. That's what we plan to do during the conference season and I'm excited to be a part of that."