Quotes Following Tulane's 63-35 Loss To No. 16 LSU



Jan. 5, 2014

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Head Coach Lisa Stockton

Overall thoughts on the game
"I felt that we looked nervous from the start of the game. One of our goals was not to give Kenney that many open looks, but our zone didn't extend and we gave her those shots. Also, when you're down 12-0, it's deflating. Fighting out of that was a challenge for us. Overall, we did some good things defensively. If you want to give a bright spot, we didn't give up a tremendous amount of points, we outrebounded them and we did some other really good things. I give LSU a lot of credit because they did some nice things, but our turnovers and or poor shooting were just hard to recover from."

On Tulane's run early in the second half
"We came out of the locker and just that we had to be the aggressors. We had to create our own breaks and not worry about it. If they miss, let's get the rebound. We were trying to create our own breaks. We got tips on the ball, we got steals, we were able to convert some of those and we were really aggressive. That worked for us pretty well and then we didn't make a shot for a while. That's what it really came down to. We talked in the locker room that we just have to be more patient and be able to execute when we're not shooting well. I thought we were our own worst enemy tonight, offensively. Some of it was shot selection. Some shots just didn't fall. Sometimes we were impatient and didn't use screens. Those are all things that are fixable. It was tough in the first half and we just got frustrated offensively."

Junior Point Guard Jamie Kaplan

On Tulane's mindset after breaking LSU's 12-0 run to start the game
"We were down 12-0 and we tried to attack the basket to get a run going. LSU played well defensively today and I was just trying to get something going. It just wasn't a great start."



On turnovers compounding the issue during Sunday's contest
"When we're turning the ball over and not shooting well, it's going to be difficult to win. We had 12 turnovers at halftime, got ourselves in a hole and it was tough to dig out."

Junior Guard Danielle Blagg

On the team's thought process as the Green Wave went on its second-half run
"We have to give LSU credit. They are ranked as the 16th team in the nation. I think that run that we made was a turning point, but like I said they're a great team. We made a run, they made a run and they came out on top. The run we made came defensively. We ran the plays we had drawn up correctly, and most of the game we just weren't running the plays we had drawn up."

On being able to put this game behind them and get ready for Thursday's C-USA opener at Marshall
"This was another game. The next game on the schedule is the most important game."


Head Coach Nikki Caldwell

On scoring the first 12 points of today's game
"Kenney was feeling it. She came in on a mission. She wanted to really take ownership of this team and she did so. She was very focused in on getting us off to a great start as were her teammates. They were finding her early and she felt very comfortable and letting it rip. She set the tone for us on the offensive end. Also, with the momentum we had to really try and defend them coming off the Tennessee game, we wanted to carry that into this game. Defensively, our efforts were to try and disrupt their guard play and keep them off the offensive glass. Those first four minutes, and we talk about this all the time, you have to set the tone at the very beginning of each half and we did that tonight."

On getting key contributions from players other than Kenney as the game went on
"The great thing about our team is that we have a lot of versatility. The other night at Tennessee, it was the Danielle Ballard show and DaShawn Harden did a lot of nice things for us as well. Tonight she did so too, but you can see that Theresa Plaisance stepped up, as did Jeanne Kenney. I like the fact that we have a balanced attack and that players are understanding and buying into the mindset that maybe it's not your night to make or take a lot of shots. Maybe it's your night to be that great screener or to be that great defender. Being selfless and making that sacrifice for our team has been a positive for us and we're going to continue to do that. That's the difference between good teams and great teams."

On Tulane making a run to open the second half
"We knew that they were going to make a run at us because they're a very competitive team. We started veering away from the game plan so we brought them back to the things we wanted to do defensively and how we wanted to play our defense. Offensively, there were certain things we wanted to do, certain play-action we wanted to run to certain people. Once we got back in sync with our game plan, we were able to make a run of our own."

On if her team had the game circled on the schedule after losing to Tulane the last three years
"The one thing that we talked about is we'll talk about Tulane when it's time to talk about Tulane. That was basically the next day after the Tennessee game. But we also know that every game and every opponent that we face brings a different challenge for us. We knew that Tulane, based on the past couple of years, has been successful against us. But every year you tell your team, `It's a new team. It's a new team.' We try and live in the moment and that's what we did tonight. We tried to stay in the moment. We didn't try and make it more than it was. We just really wanted to play tough-nosed defense and stay true to who we are as a basketball team."

Guard Jeanne Kenney

On scoring the game's first 12 points with four 3-point baskets
"I just decided to shoot. I was lucky enough that everybody just passed me the ball, Theresa (Plaisance) set some great screens for me and I was just knocking them down."

On if the team had an eye on this game after losing to Tulane in each of the last three seasons
"We had a sense of urgency, which I think was the difference maker. Since I've been here, we had not beaten Tulane .Since I've been here, we had not beaten Tennessee. Those were two games that I thought we had to go 2-0 in. We had to. I thought we did a great job of matching their intensity in the second half and pulling off a win."

On if this week's wins give the team some momentum
"It definitely gives us momentum. The only reason is because we have so many weapons on our team. On any given night, DaShawn (Harden) can go for 20 and Theresa can go for 20. Rina (Hill) can go for 15 or Raigyne (Moncrief) can go for 20. The amount of weapons we have on our team is really good. I think that's where our momentum comes from. We have Texas A&M next and it's going to be a dog fight. It's always a dog fight playing Texas A&M. We need momentum and we're doing a really good job of cultivating that momentum."

Forward Theresa Plaisance

On starting the game with a 12-0 run
"Having Jeanne (Kenney) come out and going 4-for-4 from the 3-point line was definitely a huge way to open up a game, especially against Tulane. Annually, Tulane comes out and plays one of their toughest games against us. We haven't won since Jeanne and I were freshmen, so we knew this was going to be a tough game coming in. Jeanne opening up like that really gave us that kick start that we needed to push through the first half. The second half was a different story, but that was a great start to the entire game."

On Tulane's early second-half run
"In the second half, we had a little mishap. We were making our mistakes and Tulane was doing a great job of capitalizing on them. They did a great job of coming out in the second half and coming out with that energy we knew they always come out with. We came in the huddle, fixed a few things and came right back out trying to match their intensity. Props to Tulane for coming out with so much fire and so much energy, really bringing life back to their side."

On if the team had an eye on this game after losing to Tulane in each of the last three seasons
"Yes, most definitely. Coming back from the Tennessee win, we knew this Tulane game was just as important. We were looking at Tennessee and we were looking at Tulane. They're both way up there. Tulane is a team that comes out and wants that in-state win, they want that in-state rivalry and they do well every single year with that, especially against us. They're a tough team to compete with. I wouldn't say we came out nervous, but we always have that thought in the back of our mind that Tulane is really out to get us and we have a lot of competition in New Orleans as well as in the SEC."

Guard DaShawn Harden

On what was working well for her today
"I just focused on playing defense instead of focusing on offense. (Plaisance) told me to try and shut down No. 20 (Tulane's Danielle Blagg), so I was really focused on that. My offense just came."