The Word On Lisa Stockton



"The Coaching Staff at Tulane did an exceptional job of not only making sure I was a phenomenal athlete, but a great student as well!! Leaving there with my degree and a wonderful opportunity to make a career out of my sport was pretty amazing."
--WNBA Veteran and Tulane Hall of Famer Janell Burse (Tulane, 1996-2000)

"Over the years I developed a tremendous amount of respect for Lisa as a person and as a coach. She is so knowledgeable and she really individualizes her coaching style to each player to find a way to reach every one. She takes the time to develop a relationship with each of her players. I consider her a great friend. I became the player that I am because of my years at Tulane."
--Nine-Year WNBA Veteran and Tulane Hall of Famer Barbara Farris (Tulane, 1995-98)

"Coach Stockton and the entire staff put me in positions to develop personally and professionally. Her dedication to me as a person is one of the reason I believe she is a great coach."
--Auburn GA Women's Basketball Coach Ashley Langford (Tulane, 2005-09)

"Playing for Coach Stockton taught me a lot about myself. I found that I had a lot of untapped resources within myself. Dreaming big means working harder, but it all pays off in the end."
--WNBA Veteran and Tulane Hall of Famer Teana McKiver (Tulane, 2000-03)

"I just think that Lisa Stockton is the epitome of class and consistency. It shows in her overall record at Tulane, it shows in her number of NCAA invites and the number of conference titles. But it also shows in her relationship with her current and former players - who still feel such a part of the program - as well as in her relationship with her current and former staff members who still carry a bit of Lisa with them in everything that we do."
--Miami Head Women's Basketball Coach Katie Meier (Tulane assistant coach, 1994-2001)

"Tulane basketball is synonymous with Lisa Stockton. Both have been successful due to her passion, drive, loyalty, and dedication. Her success over the span of two decades is record-worthy. Her success post-Katrina is just one example of the tremendous coach and leader Tulane has at the helm of its women's basketball program. Lisa is a remarkable coach and an even greater role model for every student-athlete that has the good fortune of playing for her."
--Emory Head Women's Basketball Coach Christy Thomaskutty (Tulane, 1992-96)