Wave Chat

September 12, 2014

Green Wave Fans:

To the tens of thousands of you who came to our beautiful campus this past weekend and witnessed history -- students, alumni, friends, and New Orleanians near and far, thank you for being part of such a special day. While there were a few minor bumps (and heat) along the way, I could not be more proud to have played a small role in seeing Tulane Football play where it belongs -- ON OUR CAMPUS.

There are so many people to thank who helped transform this vision into reality. Starting with Richard Yulman, his daughter Katy and son Brett have been alongside us on this journey from the beginning. Our true hero, Janet, was sadly missed last weekend but I believe she was smiling down at this magnificent monument in her honor. Those of us lucky enough to have been at the very moving dedication ceremony know what this stadium means to our entire community. If you haven't yet heard the very special announcement by Richard, the YULMAN CHALLENGE, please be on the lookout for more information. Let's get together and finish this which will ensure Yulman Stadium is completed without a cent of debt to the university. You can also call 504.865.5356 anytime to contribute.

A heartfelt thanks to the Glazer family; Jill, Avie, Kendall and Libby. Without you we wouldn't have the Jill H. and Avram A. Glazer Family Club, featuring the nicest premium amenities in all of college or professional sports - and yet that is only one significant part of this support . Jill has been a driving force for our program the past few years - and look where we are today.

And for my next major thank you, the living Saints of New Orleans, Tom and Gayle Benson, whose public and private support meant so much to this project. The Benson Family epitomizes everything that is special about our wonderful city.

Our lead donors, our season ticket holders, our students, our corporate friends, our annual fund donors -- you all helped make this happen.

Finally, to our student-athletes (of whom I'm always so proud)- thank you for believing in us. Those who follow in your footsteps and the championships they will bring began with you. This means all our men's and women's athletes over the past 40 years. The greatest ambassadors we will ever have.

While Saturday marked the culmination of years of hard work, it is truly just the beginning. Tulane now has a true HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE. Saturday night at 7 pm your Green Wave Football team takes on the FCS #3 nationally ranked Southeastern Louisiana Lions, in the first game ever played under the lights. Fewer than 800 tickets remain and I fully I expect another sell-out. If you weren't here last weekend, click here to get your tickets now and join the experience. Campus tailgating and festivities begin at 3 pm - it's going to be another giant party and Tulane students, who have already picked up more than 4,500 tickets, will be out in force once again.

Tulane staff has worked tirelessly this week to smooth out details surrounding the logistics into making your experience at Yulman Stadium as wonderful as possible. Please join Brenda and I at Tailgate Village and under the lights on Benson Field in Yulman Stadium, and help us continue to build our HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE.

Roll Wave!

Rick Dickson
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