Earn Loyalty Points

Points are awarded annually based on the following criteria:

Current TAF Contribution1 POINT per $100
Consecutive Years Contribution to TAF2 POINTS per year
Current Season Ticket Holder1 POINT per ticket, per sport
Consecutive Years as Season Ticket Holder2 POINTS per year, per sport
T-Club Membership2 POINTS per year
University Giving1/2 POINT per $100

One Time Points

As we implement the Loyalty Points Program, we will distribute one time points to capture years of support from our loyal fans. This will be the foundation of your point total. Annually, this point total will increase based on the criteria above. Your loyalty to Tulane Athletics provides a "point bank" that you can build upon!

Points will be awarded on a one-time basis based on the following critiera:

Letterwinner10 POINTS
Restricted Giving to Athletics1 POINT per $1,000
Restricted Giving to University1/2 POINT per $1,000
Cumulative Lifetime Giving to TAF1 POINT per $100
Cumulative Years as a Season Ticket Holder1 POINT per year, per sport
Alumni/Faculty/Staff5 POINTS

*Points can be accrued over the years but in order to be activated for seating priority, you must be a current fiscal year TAF member with a donation at crest level of $75.00 or more.