Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Loyalty Points Program?

The Loyalty Points Program is a system by which the Tulane Athletics Fund can acknowledge loyal supporters while providing an equitable and objective means for ranking supporters to determine the order of benefit distribution.

How do I accrue loyalty points?

Supporters are able to acquire loyalty points through a variety of actions including Tulane Athletics Fund donations and season ticket purchases. Click here for a full breakdown.

What gifts are counted for the Tulane Athletics Fund?

Annual gifts at crest level of $75 or more made to the Tulane Athletics Fund or the Tulane Athletics Fund-Home Field Advantage campaign (benefitting Tulane Football) will be used in calculating annual loyatly points.

When are points calculated?

An official membership statement, including your point total and ranking, will be distributed twice a year; after the close of the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) and after the close of the calendar year. You can also log into your ticket account to view points at any time (starting August, 2013).

Why are we implementing the Loyalty Points Program now?

We are implementing the Loyalty Points Program now as we look toward the opening of Yulman Stadium. The Loyalty Points Program will provide the most equitable ranking allocation for premium and priority seating in Yulman Stadium, the Devlin Fieldhouse and Greer Field at Turchin Stadium.

Will you reseat every year?

As long as you maintain the annual contribution to the section you are in, you will retain the ability to renew your seats each year. Tulane Athletics does retain the right to reseat athletic facilities at any time but will provide advanced notice of intention.

Can points be accrued for in-kind gifts?

Only under very special circumstances can loyalty points be awarded based on in-kind gifts. Generally, benefits are not awarded for in-kind gifts.

What if I feel there is a discrepancy in my point total?

We value loyal supporters and we will work diligently to rectify any discrepancies.

What if my support goes back further than your records?

We acknowledge that our records may not go back as long as your loyal support. We will work with you to define years that are not accounted for.

Can points be divided or transferred?

Unfortunately points cannot be allocated by groups of individuals.