Men's Golf
2000 Final Statistics

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Tulane University 1999-2000 Men's Golf Results

Falcon-Cross Creek Invitational, Hosted by U.S. Air Force Academy, Sept. 17-19, 1999
Eisenhower-Blue Course, Colorado Springs, Colo., Par 72, 7,301 yards

Team FinishTulane Finishers
1.Notre Dame868T48.Justin Strausbaugh74-73-79=226
2.Wyoming876T59.Byron Shultz74-76-78=228
3.Grand Canyon881T67.Gareth White76-80-74=230
New Mexico State881T89.Bryon McDougall73-77-83=233
Michigan881T104.Louis DeValeix80-80-78=238
6.Air Force885
7.Texas Wesleyan888MedalistMichael Harris, Michigan67-71-69=207
9.Idaho State896
10.Boise State900
San Diego900
Utah State900
14.Air Force (JV)902
15.Weber State905
16.New Mexico (JV)906
17.Colorado-Colorado Springs910
18.Eastern Washington911
20.Portland State914
23.Soutehrn Utah923

Precept Peach State Intercollegiate, Hosted by Georgia State University, Sept. 27-28, 1999
The Golf Course at Cuscowilla, Eatonton, Ga., Par 70, 6,847 yards

Team FinishTulane Finishers
1.UAB570T16.Justin Strausbaugh71-75=146
2.South Florida575 37.Louis DeValeix74-77=151
3.Middle Tennessee State577 49.Gareth White78-76=154
4.Georgia State578 56.Byron Shultz76-82=158
5.South Alabama582 64.Bryon McDougall83-77=160
6.Florida Southern584
7.Central Florida590MedalistChris Devlin, UAB66-66=132
8.Troy State597
Florida Atlantic604
11.Southern Miss611

Hillman Robbins Memorial Intercollegiate, Hosted by the University of Memphis, Oct. 14-15, 1999
North Creek Golf Club, South Haven, Miss., Par 72, 6,433 yards

Team FinishTulane Finishers
1.Middle Tennessee State883T28.Justin Strausbaugh77-78-76=231
2.Arkansas State888T31.Louis DeValeix80-73-79=232
3.South Florida894T37.Byron Shultz74-80-79=233
4.Troy State900T39.Ben Zeiky77-78-79=234
5.Austin Peay State909T58.James Griffin88-79-76=243
Jancksonville State909T64.Bryon McDougall81-89-74=244
8.Memphis914MedalistAdam Shanks, Austin Peay73-72-71=216
10.Southern Miss922
11.New Orleans925
12.Saint Louis938

1999 Deep South Intercollegiate, Hosted by Tulane University, Oct. 25-26, 1999
Money Hill Country Club, Abita Springs, La., Par 72, 7,012 yards

Team FinishTulane 'Green' Finishers
1.Southeastern Louisiana853T18.Ben Zeiky73-71-75=219
2.Marquette864T39.Justin Strausbaugh75-73-75=223
3.Memphis869T39.Byron Shultz74-69-80=223
4.Texas Tech973T47.Gareth White73-73-78=224
5.Oral Roberts877T68.Louis DeValeix76-78-75=229
7.Jacksonville State878Tulane 'White' Finishers
8.Texas-Arlington879T51.Bryon McDougall77-73-75=225
9Iowa881T59.James Griffin78-76-73=227
10.Tulane 'Green'884T79.Rodrigo Sol77-72-85=234
11.Wichita State885T81.Phil Krass80-77-78=235
12.Southern Miss889 88.Mike Rodrigue81-85-80=246
13.Troy State890
14.New Orleans893MedalistJacques Chevallier, SLU71-69-70=210
17.Tulane 'White'916
18.Texas-Pan American929

The Bridges All-American Intercollegiate, Hosted by the University of Southern Mississippi, Feb. 7-8, 2000
The Bridges Golf Club, Bay St. Louis, Miss., Par 72, 6,680 yards

Team FinishTulane Finishers
1.Georgia State872T30.Ben Zeiky74-76-74=224
2.UAB873T77.Justin Strausbaugh82-83-71=236
3.Louisiana State879T81.Byron Shultz77-80-80=237
4.Sam Houston State881T81.Phil Krass82-75-80=237
5.South Florida882 90.Bryon McDougall83-80-79=242
6.Rhode Island894
7.Southeastern Louisiana895MedalistJack Croyle, Georgia State72-71-68=211
8.South Alabama901
9Middle Tennessee State902
10.Southern Miss903
Troy State905
13.Florida State906
14.Arkansas State908
16.Columbus State918
18.Central Florida931

USF/Ron Smith Invitational, Hosted by the University of South Florida, Feb. 25-27, 2000
University of South Florida Golf Course, Tampa, Fla., Par 71, 6,830 yards

Team FinishTulane Finishers
1.Florida Southern863T15.Justin Strausbaugh69-77-73=219
2.Columbus State876T36.Byron Shultz72-74-80=226
3.Austin Peay State881T54.Ben Zeiky75-77-77=229
4.Central Florida886T65.James Griffin78-77-77=232
Middle Tennessee State886 87.Phil Krass82-80-83=245
6.South Florida889
7.Troy State890MedalistJeff Klauk, Florida Southern73-68-70=211
Virginia Commonwealth890
9Arkansas State892
10.Southern Miss894
11.Wichita State897
13.Florida Atlantic900
14.Jacksonville State902

New Orleans Collegiate Classic, Hosted by the University of New Orleans, March 13-14, 2000
Oak Harbor Golf Club, Slidell, La., Par 72, 6,808 yards

Team Finish
1.New Orleans594
2.Jacksonville State603
3.Oral Roberts606
5.Jackson State616
6.Louisiana Tech620
8.Saint Louis623
Murray State623
Southeast Missouri State623
11.Iowa State624
12.Centenary College628
13.Nicholls State630
14.Eastern Illinois631
16.Tennessee State638
17.Butler 643

Tulane Finishers

T10.Ben Zeiky74-76=150
T19.Byron Shultz79-74=153
T30.James Griffin78-78=156
T36.Justin Strausbaugh78-79=157
T36.Louis Devaleix78-79=157

MedalistCasey Crain, UNO73-72=145

Beau Chene Collegiate Classic, Hosted by Southeastern Louisiana University, March 27-28, 2000
Beau Chene Country Club, Hammond, La., Par 72, 6,725 yards

Team Finish
1.South Florida850
3.Southeastern Louisiana861
4.Arkansas-Little Rock863
5.New Orleans872
9.Central Florida882
11.Jacksonville State883
13.McNeese State887
14.Southwest Texas State889
Troy State889
16.Columbus State892
18.Nicholls State909

Tulane Finishers

T21.Justin Strausbaugh68-78-72=218
T57.Ben Zeiky74-75-76=225
T61.Louis Devaleix77-76-73=226
88.Byron Shultz79-78-81=238
T90.James Griffin75-83-84=242

MedalistChris Devlin, UAB65-69-67=201

ASU Indian Golf Classic, Hosted by the Arkansas State University, April 3-4, 2000
Ridge Pointe, Jonesboro, Ark., Par 72, 6,539

Team Finish
1.Arkansas State876
2.Wichita State.879
3.South Florida888
4.North Texas894
6.Illinois State899
7.Southwest Missouri State909
10.New Orleans921
13.Iowa State928
14.Oral Roberts937
15.Northern Iowa939
16.Southern Illinois946

Tulane Finishers

T7.Justin Strausbaugh71-73--75=219
T39.Bryon McDougall76-77-77=230
T46.Louis Devaleix73-79-81=233
T56.Ben Zeiky74-83-79=236
T59.Byron Shultz79-78-80=237

MedalistRichard Ainley, ULL73-69-70=212

1999-2000 Tulane University Men's Golf Results


Falcon-Cross Creek Invitational (19th of 24)297306309912
Precept Peach State Intercollegiate (T9th of 14)299305604
Hillman Robbins Memorial Intercollegaite (8th of 12)308308305921
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate (10th of 18)295286303884


The Bridges All-American Intercollegiate (17th of 18)315311304930
USF/Ron Smith Invitational (15th of 18)294305307906
New Orleans Collegiate Classic (4th of 18)308307615
Beau Chene Collegiate Classic (17th of 18)294307302903
ASU Indian Classic (9th of 16)294307311912

Season Stroke Average: 303.48
Spring Stroke Average:304.71
Fall Stroke Average:301.91

1999-2000 Tulane University Men's Golf Individual Results

Justin Strausbaugh925 1,87575.0068
Ben Zeiky720 1,51775.8571
Gareth White3860876.0073
Louis DeValeix719 1,46677.1673
Byron Shultz925 1,93377.3269
Bryon McDougall617 1,32477.8873
Rodrigo Sol13 23478.0072
James Griffin5141,10078.5773
Phil Krass3971779.6775
Mike Rodrigue1324682.0080

Louis DeValeix (77.16)
Falcon-Cross Creek Invitational808078238
Precept Peach State Intercollegiate7477151
Hillman Robbins Memorial Intercollegiate807379232
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate767875229
New Orleans Collegiate Classic7879157
Beau Chene Collegiate Classic777673226
ASU Indian Classic737981233
James Griffin (78.57)
Hillman Robbins Memorial Intercollegiate887976243
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate787673227
USF/Ron Smith Invitational787777232
New Orleans Collegiate Classic7878156
Beau Chene Collegiate Classic758384242
Phil Krass (79.67)
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate807778235
The Bridges All-American Intercollegiate827580237
USF/Ron Smith Invitational828083245
Bryon McDougall (77.88)
Falcon-Cross Creek Invitational737783233
Precept Peach State Intercollegiate8377160
Hillman Robbins Memorial Intercollegiate817974234
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate777375225
The Bridges All-American Intercollegiate838079242
ASU Indian Classic767777230
Mike Rodrigue (82)
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate818580246
Byron Shultz (77.32)
Falcon-Cross Creek Invitational747678228
Precept Peach State Intercollegiate7682158
Hillman Robbins Memorial Intercollegiate748079233
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate746980223
The Bridges All-American Intercollegiate778080237
USF/Ron Smith Invitational727480226
New Orleans Collegiate Classic7974153
Beau Chene Collegiate Classic797881238
ASU Indian Classic797880237
Rodrigo Sol (78)
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate777285234
Justin Strausbaugh (75.00)
Falcon-Cross Creek Invitational747379226
Precept Peach State Intercollegiate7175146
Hillman Robbins Memorial Intercollegiate777876231
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate757375223
The Bridges All-American Intercollegiate828371236
USF/Ron Smith Invitational697773219
New Orleans Collegiate Classic7879157
Beau Chene Collegiate Classic687872218
ASU Indian Classic717375219
Gareth White (76.00)
Falcon-Cross Creek Invitational768074230
Precept Peach State Intercollegiate7876154
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate737378224
Ben Zeiky (75.85)
Hillman Robbins Memorial Intercollegiate777879234
1999 Deep South Intercollegiate737175219
The Bridges All-American Intercollegiate747674224
USF/Ron Smith Invitational757777229
New Orleans Collegiate Classic7476150
Beau Chene Collegiate Classic747576225
ASU Indian Classic748379236


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