Q&A with Former Tulane Football Standout Dezman Moses
Dezman Moses in his second season as an NFL player with the Kansas City Chiefs.
Dezman Moses in his second season as an NFL player with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Nov. 14, 2013

Former Green Wave football standout Dezman Moses is currently in his second season in the NFL and is a member of the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. Moses returned to the Uptown campus during the Chiefs' bye last week to catch up with former teammates and is looking to complete his Tulane degree in the near future.

Moses, who starred for the Green Wave from 2010-11 as a defense end, stopped by Tulane Athletics for a Q&A session.

TA: You're in your first season as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs and your team is currently undefeated. How has the experience been for you so far?
"It's been interesting. I was up and down from the start, but I'm with Kansas City now, we're off to a 9-0 start, so it's very exciting time over there obviously. We struggled a little bit last season, so the city is on fire right now. Everyone is really excited, but we're really focused on what we are trying to do and the goals we are trying to accomplish."

TA: You played for the Green Bay Packers as a rookie in 2012 and now you are a Chief. How has the change been for you?
"It's a little different location, but it's still business as usual. You have to come to work every day and try to improve and strive to be better. The goals and tasks remain the same for me, just continuing to work."

TA: How has the transition from College to the NFL been for you?
"It's a little different because you're out there with a bunch of grown men now. This is how you eat. This is our livelihood. This is not just a game for you, so the hunger level is definitely a little different. Everyone is out there trying to feed his family and that's how you have to look at it. You can never take a play off, because you only represent yourself."

TA: What do you like the most about playing in the NFL?
"Probably the brotherhood throughout the league. It's a very small league, even though there are 32 teams there's a brotherhood, and you try to take care of each other in terms of health and stuff like that. But away from the game you have a certain relationship with those guys, even though they are your opponents, and you have a certain understanding with them as well. The goal or path that you will take to get there is just mutual respect I think."



TA: What are you long term goals as an NFL player?
"To be successful of course. I'm not going to say anything specific even though I do have some things specifically, but for me right now I work day-to-day just to continue to get better and improve my game at a lot of different levels. I'm just working out here right now. I'm learning from two great role models ahead of me, two Pro Bowlers in Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, one of the best pass rushers I've ever seen. So I'm just trying to rack their brains and learn all I can from them."

TA: What do you miss most about college?
"Just the lack of responsibility. Everything is pretty much taken care of for you there, and you don't notice it until you're gone. You've got a great support team and you have a lot of people out there who are there to help you and guide you along the way. As a professional, you have a lot more responsibility like making sure your bills are paid, making sure your family is ok, but in college, you just try to focus on yourself and improve as a person and it was a great time to just live and enjoy."

TA: How close are you to finishing your Tulane degree?
"My major was Sociology, and I'm 12 hours away, so about four classes short of graduating. I'm trying to finish them up when I can. I am trying to sync up my schedule with the schedule of when the classes are offered, so it may be only one class at a time, but that's okay. There's no real time crunch there. I'd like to get it done as quickly as possible, but this is just something that I promised myself and my family that I would always come back and do."

TA: How important is it for you to complete your Tulane degree?
"It's very important to me. Tulane in general is a great university, that's without question. I always want to set an example for my family members and for people from where I'm from that look up to me, not just as an athlete, but also as a good student and somebody who gets things done. I don't want to start something and not finish it, especially something I put five years of my life into. When I start things I like to complete them, so this is just something I want to do. This is a great life achievement as well, to say you graduated from a great university."

TA: Are you able to keep up with the Tulane football team?
"I have the All-Access package. I always try and log on to watch my little brothers go out there and play and battle. It's great to see them winning. I feel like a proud older brother to see these guys and the program growing, along with the buzz around New Orleans about them. It's something that I didn't get to experience, but it's pretty cool to live it through them, so there's nothing like it."

TA: Have you had a chance to get to know Coach Johnson and staff?
"I've run into them multiple times, and I've tried to get to know them through those occasions and I think they are great coaches. You can tell that their passion is there and they are all about winning and raising respectable young men. They definitely care about the players. Sometimes you have to be harsh and tough on people to send the message, and sometimes that can really be caring, so whether some people may or may not like it, he's doing a great job."


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