Transcript From Chris Scelfo's Weekly Football Press Conference



Oct. 17, 2006

On last Saturday's game
"I thought we made a tremendous amount of improvement in two out of the three phases that we stressed. Special teams really disappointed me on Saturday - both sides of it. Not only the long punt, but obviously, our return game and that was due to a lot of factors. But we have to get better there. Offensively, I thought we moved the ball well, controlled the game, and we self-destructed. Bottom line. Defensively, I was really proud of the way they competed, and we had another new lineup on defense. And those guys really play well together. After the turnovers - there were five of them - they only gave up 10 points and I really thought they bolted back and played well and played hard. You know it's a shame that that game didn't turn out differently for us because I really thought our kids prepared well all week. We had a good week of practice, went out there very confident, but you can't self-destruct against a team like UTEP."

On the 11-catch performance by senior wide receiver Preston Brown
"Preston bounced back. We didn't feel like Preston had the game the week before (against Rice) that he is capable of having. He had some drops in key situations. I thought he bounced back well, played hard, and made the plays when he had the chance to make them. I think on Saturday he had one of his best games since he's been here...catching the ball, running the routes, getting open. We don't really have a go-to guy and I think that really balances us out because we're able to spread the ball around. We need everybody to be consistent. That's the key. I wouldn't say he's not having the production we're looking for. He hasn't had as many opportunities as he had last year just because we've had other guys step up. Look across our catches, they've been distributed well, and that's a tribute to Lester (Ricard)."

On any areas of weaknesses to exploit for Auburn
"They're good, obviously. They're No. 4 in the country. I want to see our team correct what we did wrong last week and see us playing the way we're capable of playing. Last week I don't think we did that in some areas."

On the environment Tulane will be playing in this weekend
"It's comparable to LSU. It's that type of environment. It's going to be loud, and they'll be excited for homecoming."

On his reaction after Director of Athletics Rick Dickson told him Auburn would be on the 2006 schedule
"Yes sir. We'll be there."

On if it is harder to play a team like Auburn in the middle of the conference season
"I thought we had some momentum and Saturday. I don't think what the scoreboard read diminished that. I think our kids played well, we got better Saturday. We self-destructed and the final score isn't indicative of the way we played. I believe that and our kids know that.

"Playing a game like this in the middle of our season is one that our kids will be excited about it. It's something that they will always be able to talk about. You're talking about the No. 4 ranked team in the nation and they'll be excited for it. We can draw something from this game on Saturday that's going to help us the last five weeks down the stretch."

On if he is concerned about the possibility of injuries against Auburn
"No more than any time. We're thin and we got some guys that won't be back, and this will be a good game for them to get back to. But no. No more than any other game, especially this year when we've been hit hard so hard at linebacker and special teams. We really can't afford many more (injuries)."

On the Auburn Tigers
"They're big, strong, physical, and fast."

On the outcome Auburn had against Florida affecting their attitude for this game
"That's something you have to ask them, I don't know."

On whether or not he thinks Auburn will have a let down like they did against following the LSU game
"I wouldn't think they'd have a let-down and I don't know if they had a let-down against Buffalo. Our kids are going to be excited to play. We're going to show up and play as hard as we can and do things the way we should. We've been doing that, that's why we've gotten a lot better from game one to now."