Coach Toledo's Comments Following Thursday's Practice



Sept. 27, 2007


On the week of practice leading up to Saturday's showdown vs. LSU
"I just told the team we had a very good week of practice - very similar to last week. I'm pleased with the Thursday practice. Last week, we had a little too much contact and weren't going as fast. This week, we didn't have as much contact - which I don't want on Thursday - but I want to go fast. They did a nice job today."

On if he thinks his team is fired up to play a team like LSU
"We've talked about it all week. In the papers, I've complained a little bit, but we're trying to get our guys ready to play. We motivated them, and I think they're anxious to get out on the field and see how they fare."

On if he talked to the team about his own experiences knocking off highly-ranked teams
"I talked about the teams that won this year: the Appalachian State that beat Michigan, the Syracuse that beat Louisville, how Boise (State) beat Oklahoma last year in the Fiesta Bowl. Then I talked about the games that I've coached, like the ones when I was at Pacific and we played Iowa State and South Carolina and beat people we had no right beating. The point I'm trying to make is that on any given Saturday, you have a chance if you show up and you play hard."

On what it would take for Tulane to beat LSU on Saturday
"One on one matchups. Everybody has to win their battle and everybody has to do their job. We've got to keep from losing so that we can win."




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