Coach Toledo's Comments Following Thursday's Practice



Sept. 20, 2007


On Thursday's practice
"It was a game-plan rehearsal day and for the most part, we executed the things we wanted to do for the game. That's the most important thing. You want to polish on a Thursday and eliminate the mistakes you made earlier in the week."

On the team's performance during practice throughout the week
"Starting Tuesday, it was a very physical day. We had a chance to back to fundamentals that we lost a week ago. It began with a good day on Tuesday and it became a good week. The kids focused on what we had to do and they gave great effort during practice. Hopefully, it'll pay dividends in the game."

On what Tulane has to do to win the game on Saturday
"We have to not beat ourselves first. We have to worry about Tulane. If we don't beat ourselves and we execute, we have a chance to win the football game."

On if he is concerned about the two new starters this week on offense
"I don't think with (Casey) Robottom. Robottom played last week and did a nice job. With (Scott) Holt, he's a senior, he's been around a little bit and he's been given a chance. He needs to perform if wants to continue to play. There's a little pressure on him to produce, but he has a chance to show what he can do. If he does a good job, he has a chance to start next week as well."




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