Tulane's Devon Walker will be Featured on ESPN's College GameDay this Saturday
Tulane's Devon Walker will be the subject of a feature this Saturday on ESPN College GameDay.

Tulane's Devon Walker will be the subject of a feature this Saturday on ESPN College GameDay.

Sep 6, 2013

New Wave: ESPN's 'College GameDay' to feature Tulane's own Devon Walker

NEW ORLEANS - On September 8, 2012, Tulane safety Devon Walker suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a game against Tulsa. One year later, without movement in his arms or legs, Walker makes his return to campus and Tulane's sideline, inspiring those around him through his rehabilitation efforts. ESPN's Tom Rinaldi talked with Walker and below are a few quotes and a teaser from the piece.

Devon Walker - talking about the injury he sustained in game vs. Tulsa "My first instinct when I woke up and I couldn't breathe I had a fear of, I'm gonna die on this field right now today and I'm never going to see any of my family again."

Devon Walker - after doctors described the impact of his spinal cord injury "They said, you're going to have to get ready for a life in this wheelchair , and I just remember thinking the whole time, no I'm not, I'm gonna prove you wrong, I'm getting out of this wheelchair."

Rick Dickson - Director of Athletics, Tulane
"Devon's determination, you know he sets the track for us all. And even though his body has faltered in what happened, his spirit is undefeated."

Curtis Johnson - Tulane head coach - on Devon being around the football team
"As much as he can be around, I want him around us, because what he did and what he gave up is an inspiration to all of us."

Jacob Davis - Walker's former roommate and teammate
"He doesn't even need to say anything, just the fact that you see him with a smile on his face after everything that's happened is definitely an inspiration."



The full segment will run during College GameDay Built by The Home Depot on Saturday - it is slated to run around 9:30 a.m. CST.

Story courtesy of ESPN


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