Down & Dirty Blog



Sept. 2, 2008


Today it felt like we started to get into a little routine. I got up at 7:00 a.m. to go eat breakfast. After a really brief breakfast I went and changed into my practice clothes and hurried back to the room to get a nap in.

We left for Samford University at 9:00 am to go practice. It was another nice cool day in the mountains of Alabama. It feels like December in New Orleans. After practice I had to do an interview for a local TV station. Then I had to walk up 100 flights of stairs to get back to the locker room. Today in the Cafe it was great again. It seemed like everyone in Birmingham came to eat because it was very crowded. I took another nap when I got back to the hotel before we had meetings. After meetings we went back to Samford for dinner.

Instead of lifting weights and having night meetings coach Toledo took the whole team bowling. Mike Parenton and I each picked seven people to represent both sides of the ball and the winner didn't have to do sprints at the end of practice. I had almost picked my team when Devin Holland begged me to be on the team and said that he averaged around 150 or so. We the defense ended up losing by 75 points. Just about everyone beat their man except for Devin, who bowled a 60 and Julian - but he did break 100. So now I call Devin MLK because of the dreams he sold me.