Down & Dirty Blog: USA Today & Bowling



Sept. 3, 2008

September 3

To start off, I just want to say how awesome it was to see my blog in USA Today yesterday. I really appreciate the work of the Media Relations Department for keeping our website up to date letting our fans know how we are progressing, as well as the people at USA Today for including us in their sports section. I would also like to credit Kropog for adding a couple lines of his wisdom to the blog.

Another area of business I feel like we need to talk about is my best friend Matt Forte making his debut on national television. Look out for numero dos dos (22 for all non Spanish speaking readers) as he and the Chicago Bears take on the Indianapolis Colts for Sunday Night Football on NBC at 7:15pm. Good Luck Matt!

Now onto business. We have watched the Alabama-Clemson game from just about every angle possible numerous times. Coach Toledo and staff have put together a great game plan, now all we have to do is execute the plan and play consistent. Samford University has been great to us. The food is delicious, the people are very nice, and the athletic department has bent over backwards to accommodate us. We are getting some great lifts in the facilities as well so that we can maintain our strength that we built up over the offseason.

We had an eventful night at the bowling alley last night. The offense took on the defense in an 8-on-8 match with the group with the most total pins winning. The offense started off very slow but persevered and finished. It was a tough loss for the defense. They talked a lot of smack in the beginning but were quickly quieted by our fearless leaders. Kevin Moore, Joe Kemp, Kevin Leary, Mike Batiste, Nick Landry, Casey Robottom, Darren deRochemont, and Jordan Stephany were the winning competitors and I considered myself the director of player personnel. The final total was 1000-922. Defense had to run today after practice as a result. Hopefully the trend of winning continues for me as we move on into Saturday.



Thanks again, 65