Tulane Football Continues Preparations for its Season Opener at Alabama

TULANEGREENWAVE.COM The Tulane football team continued the installation of its game plan for the season opener at No. 13 Alabama this Saturday, while the Wave's women's golf team and tennis players arrived in Birmingham.
The Tulane football team continued the installation of its game plan for the season opener at No. 13 Alabama this Saturday, while the Wave's women's golf team and tennis players arrived in Birmingham.

Sept. 2, 2008

Birmingham, Ala. - The Tulane Green Wave football team continued to install its game plan for the season opener this Saturday at No. 13 Alabama during a morning practice in full pads at Samford University, and the team completed the day with offensive and defensive players squaring off in a healthy bowling competition.

For the second consecutive day, the Wave practiced under near-perfect conditions at Seibert Stadium with a cool breeze and a cloudy sky during its 24-period session. Over the past two days, Tulane's evacuation from New Orleans to its current location in Birmingham, which is 57 miles northeast of Tuscaloosa, has drawn the attention of local, state and national media. Today, seniors Michael Parenton and Reggie Scott's "Down & Dirty, in the Trenches with Michael Parenton and Reggie Scott" was featured in USA Today, as was the team's practice highlights from Monday were featured on ESPNews.

During the evening sparing match at the bowling lanes, the Tulane offense, coach by Parenton, overtook the Wave defense, which will now force the TU defenders into extra conditioning after Wednesday's practice.

Also on Tuesday, the Tulane women's golf team and members of the women's tennis team arrived in Birmingham after spending the last three days on the campus of Jackson State University in Jackson, Miss. The golfers hit the links this afternoon and will continue to practice each day.

Tulane Coach Bob Toledo's Wednesday Press Conference Quotes On Preparation to Play Alabama
"We'll find out more on Saturday. It's obviously been a distraction. We've lost some focus and have had to re-focus and practice. Anytime you have to get up and move your entire football operations to a hotel several hundred miles away, it affects it. We've had to move all our video equipment, which we didn't get in early. Our weight work outs, we had to go back to Samford and get work outs in. We don't have all of our video equipment. Meeting room wise, we've struggled a little bit because we can't have the whole team meet at once because there's no room big enough."



But all in all, it has gone as well as can be expected. Birmingham has done a great job opening their arms and accepting us. Samford has done a super job. Pat Sullivan, their head coach, and I have been friends for a long time. He's done a nice job of accommodating us. We're practicing in the morning and they are practicing in the afternoon. From that standpoint, it's been as good as can be expected."

On Senior Leadership through Hurricane Evacuation
Twenty Four of our players went through Katrina, and they have given really good leadership to our younger guys. They've told them what's going to happen. Our situation now is so much better back in 2005 because we had a plan. We're not sleeping on a gymnasium floor, and not eating food. We're sleeping in a nice hotel. Good food at our access. The kids have done a good job of giving leadership to the younger players on our football team. There's no question that having gone through it, and having the experience of that situation has been very helpful for our kids."

On The Extended Stay in Birmingham
When you're together for 24 hours a day, you've got to find other things to do besides just football. And that's what we're doing. Tonight we're going to go out and have a little bowling contest with the team. We'll go offense versus defense; then Wednesday we're going to go to the museum and see some of the great athletes are from Birmingham. On Thursday night, we're going to go to a movie. So we're trying to occupy as much of their time as we can so they don't think about bad things back home right now.

And when we're on the practice field and practicing, or in the meeting rooms and meeting, we're trying to tell them that they have to give us a total focus to that time, so that we can get something done. We are still here to play football, and against a very good opponent.

Tulane Athletic Director Rick Dickson On Status of Tulane Athletics Teams
"We have three teams with us in Birmingham: football obviously, and as of 1 p.m. today, our women's golf and women's tennis teams have joined us from Jackson, Mississippi, at Jackson State University. Our women's volleyball team has arrived from Provo, to San Luis Obispo, California, where they will compete in a tournament this week. All of our in-season teams are accounted for at their destinations."

On securing practice accommodations at Samford
Once we realized the timeframe of the upcoming storm and the evacuation plans for both the University and the city needed to trigger. The accommodations for this weekend were already set. We first made the changes to extend our stay. It made the most sense and fit within the flexibility of our evacuation plan to send teams out to their competition sites early, if available. And it was in this case. Once we secured lodging and the other logistics necessary for moving a team, then we began covering the workout and practice facilities, meeting places and those type of things.

We put in calls last week to both Samford and UAB. UAB was preparing to host a home game with Tulsa. Both Universities were willing to accommodate, but we realized the proximity of Samford to our hotel, and once we got some people here on the ground, it seemed like the best up for us to go with the Samford option."

On Tulane University's Schedule to Re-Open
As we speak, the University has planned for a Sunday check-in for all students, with classes to resume Monday. We'll schedule accordingly knowing that information."