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Sept. 1, 2008

Today was our first practice since being cooped up in the hotel. The rooms are excellent but it's nothing like a little fresh air. We had to get up at 7:00 a.m. for breakfast, then had taping and dressing for practice.

I, myself, an not a morning person so after I ate, I caught me a hour nap before I got on the bus for practice. I didn't realize that Alabama had mountains but when we got to Samford {where we practice for our time here} I noticed these are too big to be just hills. One of the biggest differences between home and Birmingham is that the weather is a lot cooler.

It was different to practice in the morning, but I like it. After practice we went to the Samford Cafe. I like my school and maybe because we were guests and they had Emril come cook for us, but they put our cafe to shame.

After a lunch, they took us back to the hotel were they gave us a few hours to nap before we had meetings. After meetings we went back to Samford for another great meal. One thing I haven't done before was eat before I workout, but that was the only time that they could schedule us to workout. We had a few minutes before we worked out and the Omegas' on the team stepped, had a dance contest and had people sing. After a good workout we had some more meetings and finally got back to the room around 10. I played spades again -- if I don't make it in football I might go pro in spades -- before going to bed.