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Aug. 30, 2008

Friday was our last day of camp but sadly found out that we would have to evacuate the next morning.

'Here we go again,' was what I told my dad as I informed him that we would be going to Birmingham, Alabama, for the week. The coaches told us to bring a week's worth of clothes, which was a lot more than the two pair that we had brought for Katrina. The next morning we had a workout at 8:15 a.m. before riding the bus up to Birmingham. They didn't tells us to bring a jacket but it was close to freezing on the bus.

A seven-hour bus ride and a runny nose later, we finally made it. When I unpacked my things I found that I forgot to bring my toothbrush. I was glad to see that we were staying in a nice hotel, they had toiletries for me.

For the last hurricane we were staying on the gym floor at Jackson State. At this Marriott they had flat screen tvs and big comfortable beds. Since it was suppose to be our first weekend off since we started camp, they didn't hold us in meetings. We also had a hot meal which was better than Katrina. After dinner me and some of my teammates played spades till it was my bed time.

Glad everything went smooth today but there's no telling what tomorrow brings.