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TULANEGREENWAVE.COM In The Trenches Of Tulane Football With Michael Parenton
In The Trenches Of Tulane Football With Michael Parenton

Aug. 31, 2008

Whew! Here we go again. After about a six and a half hour bus ride, we arrived in Birmingham. The ride was not as bad as it could have been considering it took us almost that much time to reach the New Orleans Airport during Katrina.

We filled three buses and gathered up as many DVD's as we could for what we assumed to be a long ride. The defense's bus DVD player was not working so I can only imagine how long that ride felt. Actually, I can because it forced a linebacker who is strapped for cash to buy an iPod as soon as we arrived. As for the offensive bus, we filled up our time with such classics as Harold and Kumar, Grandma's Boy, Heavyweights (the Tyler Rice story), and Talladega Nights. Overall it was actually pretty fun and a lot of us got a good laugh and didn't have to focus much on the impending storm, nor the trip itself.

When we arrived at the Marriott in Birmingham, everyone was pretty stiff and ready to get off the buses. The staff did a fantastic job of getting that moving fast and the rooms looked good while providing us a nice flat screen HDTV. The hotel was also very accommodating with space for us, and allows us all separate meeting rooms, an equipment room, and a training room. The guys couldn't be happier facilities wise and, although we haven't been to Samford yet, we found out today that they have recently upgraded their football complex, so that should be a treat.

Because of the evacuation and because of the bye-week, we have had a good amount of free time and some time to have fun. In fact, last night several of us got together in the pool for a relay race in lieu of the recent Beijing Olympics, which hopefully makes it to the video that is to be posted online.

A few of us also finagled a car to go to the mall today and believe me when I say it looked like a clown mobile. We fit five players in a small Nissan and were basically laughed off of the Birmingham road system for two reasons: One reason being, with over 1200 pounds in the car and the amount of hills in town, we were literally crawling around being passed by everything including mini vans and station wagons. The second reason was that you could imagine the size of the occupants in this car and it was so unbelievable that we all fit in it, a random lady and her husband walked around the car as we were getting in, laughing uncontrollably.



I hope that I have given you guys a view of what is going on here and I also hope that you guys can catch a glimpse on the video that should be released on the internet with this blog. I will keep you informed of what is going on as things progress and thank you all for your support.