Coach Toledo's Comments Following Thursday's Practice



Aug. 30, 2007


Overall thoughts following Thursday's shortened practice
"We missed 45 minutes of practice, including all of the team (drills) at the end. It kept lightening and our kids have classes, so we missed those practices and we can't make that up."

On the negatives involved with having practice cut short
"There are some things we missed and we can't get that back. We can't make it up. It's gone. That's bad because we had some things we wanted to work."

On what the team was able to work on prior to the inclement weather
"We worked on-side kick and our hands team and that was one of the things we wanted to get done today. The big thing is we had some stuff planned to work against Mississippi State's offense and defense, and we didn't get any of that in today and that's kind of disturbing."

On if there's a silver lining to having Thursday's practice cut short
"We can't make it up, because there's only so many hours in a day. But the good news is we don't have to play this weekend. We'll be okay."

On the plan for Friday's practice in the Louisiana Superdome
"Tomorrow, what we're going to do is go to the Dome. We'll have a `Thud' practice against Mississippi State's defense. Obviously we'll go on what they've done in the past. We'll also watch their game tonight and see if they continue to do what they've done in the past. We'll have a mock game and then we'll work on mock substitutions for about half an hour - kicking game, taking a safety, kicking after a safety, on-side kick. Anything that can happen during a game, we'll simulate that so we have our substitutions down and we'll cover all kinds of situations. "

On the luxury of being able to watch two teams on the schedule this early in the season
"We'll get to see the film anyway, but what's nice about it is it's a TV copy as opposed to a coaching copy - which is a lot different. You hear things and you'll see things that you don't see on video. You might hear snap counts or audibles, and substitutions. The announcers also say some things that may be helpful, so we'll have something from the TV copy that we won't have from normal coaching film."