Down & Dirty



Aug. 26, 2008

It has been a bittersweet feeling as we wind down camp and finish with two-a-days. No matter how you look at it, camp and two-a-days are never anything nice. The heat feels hotter than what it really is and the hits ring in your head for much longer than you can remember. But before you know it, you are through with two-a-days, camp is nearing its end, and game week is swiftly approaching.

The bittersweet feeling comes with this being my last camp as a Tulane student-athlete. The time has really flown by and I hate to be a cliche but it feels like I was just reporting for my first camp. I can still remember how my head was spinning for the first couple of days as I got my first taste of college football. I still see that now with the incoming freshmen but they are really evolving into an impressive class. If they can find their niche in the offense, defense, and special teams, the program will surely be heading into the right direction. Just from seeing the progress we have made over the course of 20 something practices, I can't imagine over a four year progression how much progress will be made.

With camp now coming to a close, we will start to get into making this camp worth something and dedicate ourselves to not sitting at home in December and January. I'll keep y'all updated as we get ready for the 'Tide.

Till next time,