Coach Toledo's Comments Following Monday's Practice



Aug. 25, 2008

Comments after watching the tape from Saturday's scrimmage
"There were a lot of guys who stood out and we had a lot of good things happen on both sides of the ball. I was pretty pleased. One thing that really impressed me was the last drive when we had the No. 1s and against the No. 1s. We went 19 plays, so the conditioning part of that really pleased me. That's a lot of plays. Usually, if you go 12, 13 plays in a drive, that's a lot of plays. We went 19 and we still have two weeks to go. That was pleasing. I think we're getting into game shape. As far as players, it was the typical ones - the quarterback, the two receivers. The tight ends did a great job, caught eight balls. A couple of the DBs did some nice things. Evan Lee made a lot of tackles. (Adam) Kwentua showed us he was ready to play. There were a lot of good things. The kicker made all of his field goals. We're doing some good things. We just have to keep getting better."

On the condition of Reggie Scott, who did not play in Saturday's scrimmage
"He's doing good. I talked to him before practice and he's just got a bruise. It's nothing serious. We're just trying to protect him at this point. He knows what he's doing and he's working hard. We are pretty much just waiting for a game now to put him in and let him go."

On moving Oscar Ponce de Leon from offensive line back to defensive tackle
"We've got a group of linemen offensively. We're looking for the top five guys, we're looking for the sixth guy, the seventh guy and so on. We just didn't feel he was in that top seven. But when you look at our defensive line, the tackle position is kind of a concern. He's the one guy who has played the position. He can take up space. He's strong, he's in better shape and he's running better than he did as a freshman. So we just felt he was the logical guy to put over there. This is a guy who can play defense and we didn't do it for him to go over there and play third string. We put him over there to play and he'll get more playing opportunities in the defensive line."



On where Ponce de Leon fits in the rotation
"Our defensive linemen, most of the time, they only play 35-40 plays a game at the most. It's not like the offensive line where they play almost every play. Defensive linemen rotate and substitute a lot. They're chasing the passer. They're running the passer. It's a lot more taxing than being an offensive lineman. You play more guys, so his opportunity to play and to help us as a team is better at defensive tackle than it is at offensive guard."

On the special teams drills they ran on Monday
"What we did was we went today and did more individual-type drills with the kicking game. We did lanes and we did some things with punt team. And in kickoff, we shortened the field and simulated one guy trying to block you, another guy down by the wedge trying to block you, and then you have to tackle the guy. It's avoiding two people and then making the tackle, so it's a game-like situation."

On Devin Holland's hit on Drew Villar during special teams drills
"That's exactly what I'm looking for. There are some guys that didn't do very well. I just told them in our meeting that I wasn't really pleased with that drill because our effort wasn't very good. We had two kickoffs run back for touchdowns last year and we lost to UAB by six points and would have won the game if that hadn't happened. They have to understand the importance of special teams and the only way for them to understand it is for me to stay on top of them, some leadership to take charge, the coaches need to coach it hard and then to practice it hard."