Coach Toledo's Comments Following Saturday's Two-A-Day Practice



Aug. 25, 2007


On having the chance to speak to the entire Tulane freshman class mid-afternoon on Saturday
"I had an opportunity to talk to the incoming class - a lot of freshmen and some transfers. Basically, I told them `don't just be a student. Get involved with your university. Be a part of something whether it be a manager on the football team or playing in the band or whatever. There are so many great opportunities here at this university, don't just go through it without being a part of something.' I also told them that I hope they come out and support us and I introduced the freshmen (on the team) to them. We're all in this thing together. "

On bringing the team to the Superdome for a closed scrimmage Saturday afternoon
"We wanted to introduce them to the arena, the venue and the atmosphere. We showed them the locker room and where they're going to be before the game. Then we brought them on the field and told them where on the bench they were going to sit. We did substitutions. We did all the kicking game. We did everything we needed to do for our second week of practice. Now we've got a few more days to keep working. We've got our last double session Tuesday, school starts Wednesday and then we'll start preparing for Mississippi State from there on."

On the importance of special teams
"A lot of guys looked good. Guidroz had a couple of touchdowns. I thought Goosby made a couple of nice tackles. But again, it's hard for me to see individual performances when I'm trying to call plays and do other things, too. I see the obvious ones."

On having the coaches in the pressbox using headsets during Saturday's scrimmage
"We're trying to get game situations, calling the plays, listening for down and distances, substitutions and that type of thing. We did it like a mock game with our headsets."

On his assessment of the team after 15 days of practice
"I'm pleased with the progress. I think we've gotten better, but we've got a way to go yet. Once we settle on the guys who are really going to play the game, I think we can concentrate on them executing the plan and getting more the reps. I think then we'll be fine."