Coach Toledo's Quotes Following Thursday's Two-A-Day Practice



Aug. 23, 2007


Overall thoughts on Thursday's double session
"I think we have to keep everything in perspective. If a normal person came out here and worked as hard as these guys have, they probably would die. This is hard work and these kids are giving us a great effort. They're trying hard, they're learning and the little pieces of the puzzle are coming together. We're getting better and I respect what they're doing. This is not easy. This is extremely difficult, so I think they're doing a good job."

On what the team focused on during Thursday's two-a-day practice
"We continue to put the package in. What we're tying to do is we're get as much stuff in for the course of the year and then once we get into game week - which will be a week and a half before the first game - then we'll narrow it down and start executing the things we're going to do in the game."

On if he is satisfied with the team's progress to date
"You're never totally satisfied. There are mistakes that are made, but we added some plays too. When you add things, you take a step backwards in some things. But the effort and the things that I talked about earlier are there. We just have to continue to work hard and get better. We don't have to play a game tomorrow."

On the team practicing in the Superdome in the second half of Saturday's scheduled two-a-day
"You want to change things up all the time. That's one of the things I try to do. I try to change practices and the little things we do during the course of practice to break up the monotony and keep the edge going. One of the things is on Saturday, we'll get a chance to go to the Dome, show them the locker room, sit on the benches and the surroundings. Some of them have never been in there as a team, so we'll show them what we do. Then we'll do a bunch of drills that are game-like situations like two-minute drill for example."