Coach Toledo's Quotes Following Wednesday's Scrimmage



Aug. 22, 2007


Overall thoughts on Wednesday's practice and scrimmage
"We went a little longer today than the other scrimmage. I thought we saw a lot of kids out there doing a lot of nice things. Some DBs were making some plays, the linebackers made a bunch of plays, the defensive line was aggressive. So from that standpoint I was pleased. I thought we threw the ball fairly well, we caught it well and I thought our running backs ran extremely well."

On the defense responding every time the offense made a big play
"I think that's what we keep asking them to do. We keep telling them `Don't worry about the last play. The only thing you have control over is the next play.' The offense has to be perfect and not very many offenses are perfect for 10-12 plays. They're going to make a mistake. You just have to hang in there, keep playing and hope they make that mistake."

On the Green Wave working goal-line situations for the first time this fall
"Today, we put in our goal-line offense and defense, and we ran a few plays down there. One of the things we want to do is find out who the best 15 or 16 guys are for those positions. We worked real hard with those players in the groups, and I thought we had a nice, physical scrimmage down there."

On who he thought stood out during Wednesday's scrimmage
"The running backs ran hard and the DBs looked like they did a nice job. Until you really look at the video, it's hard to single out too many players because I'm too busy calling the plays and trying to run the practice."

On if which side of the ball he feels is ahead of the other - offense or defense
"What usually happens is the defense is a little ahead of the offense in these type of situations - particularly when they face the same offense day in and day out. Defense is recognition and reaction. They start reading your blocks, they start reading your pass routes, and they kind of know what you're doing. That's part of playing defense. I think the defense is a little ahead, and I'm glad they are."

On what he feels has been the biggest highlight of practice so far
"I'm really pleased with the work ethic and attitude of our football team. They act like the want to win. They've worked extremely hard. We've asked a lot of them, and as a coach, you want them to respond to what you say. I honestly believe that these kids are responding to what we're trying to do."