Aug. 20, 2007

Well, after having yesterday off, giving the body some time to heal, I felt great today. That was before practice, though. Now, I just feel tired everywhere again. Usually, the ice baths are a treat after practice since it's always so hot. But today, they were especially cold.

As James McMurchy pushed a glacier-sized ice block to his bath partner's side, it reminded me of the Titanic. I imagined I was experiencing something similar to those who ended up in the water after it sank. I said out loud as we were complaining about the ice baths, "It must have sucked to go down with the Titanic" because I know that water was cold, too. We all shared a laugh and then wondered if it would have been possible to make a life raft out of our helmets, shoulder pads and jock straps.

Oh, and by the way, get your things ready Sarah. There is a hurricane coming into the Gulf!! Those things scare me. I don't know much about them, but the last time one of them came this way, all I remember was that someone talked me into getting on a bus and a few weeks later I was in Ruston, La. Now that was just a joke!! No offense to the Blackwelders who call the great city of Ruston, La., home.

Well, tomorrow is our second two-a-day, and I've made no progress in that whole time travel thing. Doc Brown never showed up. He must have hit 88 miles per hour before he got here and went back in time before I could catch up with him. Oh well, I guess some things just can't be avoided, so I must prepare by getting some sleep.

By the way, you're a great listener Sarah. As Coach Kaumeyer says, "There's a difference between hearing and listening"...or something like that. Anyway, thanks for listening. What was that, Sarah? Sorry, I wasn't really listening.

Talk atcha tomorrow,