Aug. 18, 2007

Two practices in ONE day!! I wish I could go back in time and take the person who had this great idea and make him go through it. I bet he'd keep an idea like that to himself next time. Sarah, see if you can get Dr. Emmett Brown on the phone for me, will you...and tell him to bring that DeLorean here as soon as he can.

Well, no point in wishing so much. It caught on and now we have to deal with it. However, because today was our first two-a-day and tomorrow we don't suit up, they have slackened the grip on our leashes just a little bit and extended curfew. This is reason enough for celebration. But before I do so, I want to share with you some strange coincidences which occurred today. I think I'll call this little segment "Coincidence of the Day."

There are two actually, so don't let the title fool you. So at dinner today, there were some scrumptious looking sliced pears at the fruit bar. I put one onto my plate and as I have yet to get utensils, I sort of pressed my mouth to the plate to try and take a bite. Coach Higgison stopped what he was doing and blurted out, "Get some utensils!" I told him not to tell me how to live my life.

Now this is where the coincidences come together. You see, due to some editing confusion (long story...don't ask) I happened to irritate a certain person. I called this person earlier in the day anticipating them being upset, and demanded they not do anything rash and call me back as soon as they got the message. Well, they did. My phone rang as the pear incident was going on, and when I answered the phone, and before the word "hello" got all the way out of my mouth, the person who called said, "Don't tell me how to live my life!"

I thought it was a joke. I turned in circles, looked under the tables, but it wound up just being a strange coincidence that the two of us chose those exact same words at almost the exact same time. This really blew my mind!! It's probably a location story - you know, the kind that you just had to be there for - but I had to record it because I wanted to remember it.

Oh, and note to self, don't ever leave delicious sliced pears unattended next to Curtis McGinity because he's a thieving son of a gun. Don't worry Curtis, I'll get you back when you least expect it.

Still turning in circles,