Down & Dirty


Aug. 21, 2008

Well folks, we are now officially into the grind of camp. Aches and pains begin to surface on everyone no matter what. Coach Toledo brought up a good point the other day - if you are not sore, you haven't been practicing hard enough. Apparently we have been practicing hard enough because nearly everyone is sore.

With this, we have to develope a mindset as a team and continue to work hard and improve each day. The progress we have made over the past week has been encouraging. In regards to the offensive line, our level of intensity has definately picked up over the past couple of days. We are working well as a unit, are playing physical, and are definately shaping up to be the group I think we can be.

The countdown to Sept. 6 is getting shorter and shorter. It's getting close to the time where we need to start hitting on some different colored jerseys. I hate to cut this piece short but I actually have to go get ready for our second practice of the day. Don't cry though, more are sure to come.

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