Coach Toledo's Quotes Following Tuesday's Two-A-Day Practice



Aug. 21, 2007


Overall thoughts on Tuesday's two-a-day practice
"The big thing is we had double sessions today, so we had a chance to come out twice. This morning, I thought it was the sharpest our offense has been. We had a record number of completions today, and that pleased me. But on the other side, defensively, that means they're giving up passes.

"As I told the other coaches, as a head coach I'm pleased because one day our offense does something and the defense does something the next day. It obviously stems from some motivation, too. When the defense does well and the offense doesn't, those coaches get on those players and they step it up a little bit. Then motivation wise and intensity wise, they get ahead of the other group. And it's been going back and forth. As a head coach, I'm pleased because both sides are doing good things."

On getting some key offensive players back on the practice field
"Jeremy Williams and Brian King are back and we're continuing to put in plays to better utilize our personnel."

On the progression of the offensive line
"I think they're becoming a unit. The more they play together, learn each other's moves and communicate with each other, the better they're going to get."

On the young tackle tandem of Nick Landry and Pete Hendrickson
"They have to understand more intensity. The strength is not as good as I'd like it there. Our stronger guys are our center and two guards, so the strength is not as good there as I'd like. But they're young and they don't understand intensity and finishing plays at times, and that's what they have to get better at. But overall, they're improving."

On if he is pleased with the progress the team has made so far in the preseason
"We're pleased with the progress we're making. We're trying to get better in all phases - offense, defense and special teams. We're emphasizing them all, we're working extremely hard and we're banging them pretty hard. We're having some pretty physical practices out here and our kids are responding to what we're trying to do. As a coach, that's what you want. When you tell them you want something, you want them to do it, and they are."