Quotes Following Tuesday's Practice In The Mercedes-Benz Superdome



Aug 20, 2013

Head Coach Curtis Johnson

Overall thoughts on Tuesday's practice
"I thought things went well. I thought we had a good goal-line scrimmage. The offense played well on the goal line and in short yardage. Then we went into two minute and the defense dominated the drill. That's probably how it should be at this time in practice. I thought they ran around well. It was a good full-pad practice. I'm really excited about the secondary. I thought we had a good day today."

On the situational focus his team is going through right now
"That's what we have to do now. We have to play the game. We'll do a lot of situations. Tomorrow, we'll be in third down a little more and a little bit of red zone. We'll do some things every day, just situational practices. That's what we're into right now. I think those kids are responding very well."

On if his team is game ready as of today
"I don't know if we'd be ready right now. I don't think we're ready ready, but we're moving in the direction where by next Thursday we'll definitely be ready."

On what he hopes to get accomplished over the last three days of preseason camp
"We've got to get in one more red zone. We need another two minute, I think, and we need some more third down work."

On how the depth chart is shaping up
"I think it's coming along pretty good. Our depth is good at all positions. I like the running back position and the quarterbacks. I'm beginning to fall in love with these quarterbacks. These position battles are good for our depth."

Freshman Offensive Lineman Chris Taylor

Overall thoughts on how things went on Tuesday
"I feel that things went well. The o-line was getting after it a little bit. There's good competition between the o-line and the d-line, especially during the goal-line period."



On the team working on a lot of situational plays recently
"All of those situations, you see them in almost every game - if not in every game, then in most of the games that we'll play. Everybody has to have a two-minute offense and a two-minute defense. It's a critical part of the game and that's when it's crunch time and you're trying to win."

On how he has been progressing throughout preseason practice
"I feel that I've been doing well. I'm just trying to work. Going against people like Chris Davenport and Julius Warmsley - those are the best two, and we've got a lot of good d-linemen - they're trying to prepare me for what I'm going to see on Saturday nights."

On how the offensive line is coming together
"The line is gelling really well. We're all friends. We all like each other. It's been fun."

Junior Defensive End Tyler Gilbert

On how camp has been so far
"Things went pretty well. I've been working on my get-off. I like to pass rush a lot so they've been working with me to make sure my technique is right. It's a day-by-day process and I try to get better every day."

On the team working on a lot of situational plays recently
"We've got to work on every situation because you never know what's going to pop up in a game - whether it's third-and-one on the goal line or it's fourth down and they're going to go for it. You've got to be ready to knuckle up and stop them short of the endzone. With Hail Mary's, the game may be on the line so you have to practice it and make sure people are ready to do certain things."

On the progress made by the defensive line
"The rotation is going pretty well. I'm still trying to work on how to get things set up. We've got a lot of talent out there."

On what skills he feels he brings to the table for the 2013 season
"I bring a little bit of versatility. I can stand up and play linebacker. I've played Mike, Sam and Will and an extra backer position, plus I can put my hand down in the dirt. I can set up on the outside and rush the passer like that. So it's pretty much whatever they need me to do at any particular time, I can do that."