Head Coach Bob Toledo's Comment's Following Wednesday's Scrimmage



Aug. 20, 2008

Opening statement
"We'll go up and evaluate the whole thing, but I saw that we're not in playing shape. We're dragging a little bit. I saw a bunch of missed tackles because we're tired. I saw a couple of interceptions, which was bad for the offense but really good for the defense because they returned them for touchdowns. I saw some kicking game stuff where we had some flaws. But I also saw some pretty good efforts by some people. I liked the running backs. I thought some of the linebackers did some good things. But again, without watching the film, that's just off the top of my head."

On if his emphasis was on the running game on Wednesday
"We have to evaluate the freshmen - the fullback and the two running backs as well. We wanted to see what they could do running the football in a game-like situation. I think they're pretty good. The little guy, you don't know where he's going to end up. But it could be exciting. It could be a 15-yard loss or he could run for an 80-yard touchdown. The other kids is a big physical guy, and the fullback blocks really well. So yes, I'm really pleased with not only those guys, but the freshmen class. I think we hit a home run on that group. I'm really excited about the freshmen class."

On the performance of junior running back André Anderson
"He's had a really good camp. I'm trying to get him a little bit into playing shape, too, so he can go without getting him hurt. I'm trying to get him enough reps so that he can go. I think the thing he's doing, as opposed to the other guys, is he's not getting tackled. That sounds crazy, but a lot of the young guys get hit and they go down right away. I tell them they're not tackled until both of your feet are up over your head. That's why he broke that long run. He just kept his feet alive, just like we do in our `thud' drill, and just keep running. Make them have to tackle you."



On mixing personnel on the offensive line
"We're trying to build depth for the season. We're trying to get guys playing center and guard. We just have to get a bunch of guys ready so that if things happen, we have some depth."

On to what he attributes the long runs on Wednesday
"It's bad tackling. Some bad angles and some bad alignments on defense. We've got to clean some things up."

On the performance of redshirt-freshman Joe Kemp
"Joe Kemp has to keep learning. He gets a little frazzled out there right now. The plate's full, so to speak. He's a freshman and a talented freshman. It's just that he's not ready for the whole package right now."

On the performance of sophomore quarterback and designated starter Kevin Moore
"Kevin's got a great grasp of the offense right now. You can tell that he's been here. He knows what's going on. He did a nice job of getting rid of the ball (when he had to) and then making a play afterward. Quarterbacks sometime think they've got to make a play every play. They have to learn that sometimes the defense wins, too. You have to get rid of the ball and live to play another play. He did a nice job of that today, particularly in the red zone."

On his focus between now and Saturday's scrimmage
"We've got a couple of other things that we have to put in. I limited some of the things we did defensively to try and line up better and play better. We don't have much more to put in. We're pretty much saturated. Now it's a matter of getting reps and doing it, doing it, doing it, so we get better at the things we've put in."

On the conditioning of his team
"It's okay. It's better than it was a year ago because they did a good job this summer. You're never in football shape. That's why we went 100 plays today. We went 60-something the other day, we went 100 today and we'll go 100 again on Saturday."