Down & Dirty



Aug. 19, 2008

Today started out as any other, but things sure took an odd turn shortly thereafter. I woke at 7 a.m. to go breakfast for 7:30. As I was pulling down McAlister Drive, one of the police cars backed into me. That's not the start to the day I was looking for. But what can you do?

After breakfast I went in the training room to get my little boo boo's covered up for practice. When I first went out for stretching, the sun was bright and I started sweating. By the time we started warming up, however, the clouds came and I always like some clouds. As practice continued it started to rain and I also like to play in the rain. I'm like a big kid on the field. Rain? Mud? Bring it on!!

After practice, I ate lunch and took a nap on Jeremy Williams' couch. I got up because I had a dream that I was late. Whew, and I glad I wasn't!

We had position meetings before we had our next practice. It was still raining when we started and my cleats were completely water logged half way through practice. After a long practice, we had meetings before we could eat dinner. After dinner, I went to the training room trying to make sure Humpty Dumpy {that's me!} stays in tact. Then I went home and like always looked at my playbook and then played spider solitaire before I went to sleep.

Hoping I don't have a great fall,
Reggie Scott