Quotes Following Monday's Practice



Aug 19, 2013

Head Coach Curtis Johnson

Overall thoughts on Monday's practice
"I thought it was good. The team got some rest and they ran around well today. We just have to learn to practice. We have to stay up. We can't push in the back. Sometimes, it looks like Pop Warner, but I thought they practiced well."

On practicing a lot of situational drills
"That's what we wanted to do. Now, it's time for us to work on all of those situations. Tomorrow, it may be a little more red zone. Each time, I want a different down and distance. I want it on a different hash. I just want to play the game a little bit."

On beginning to game plan for the season opener against Jackson State
"We did a little bit. We did one period today on Jackson State, the last period. We've got to get our fits on the running game. That's what we worked on today."

On what he expects to get accomplished in the final week of preseason practice
"I think we need to improve on all of the stuff we've been doing. We're re-doing the installs again. We're going back through it, and we just need to separate the guys as far as who's playing and who's not, and make those decisions."

Junior Offensive Lineman Sean Donnelly

Overall thoughts on how things went on Monday
"I think we had a great scrimmage on Saturday and I think we're going in the right direction. But as my coaches put it, we can't lay off one bit. The defense really came to play today and we really need to step it up as the week continues."

On the offensive line's performance from Saturday's scrimmage
"We had a good scrimmage. We ran the ball well, which was really enjoyable. I think I might have been in for only five or six pass plays. The majority was run and it was great. It's a lot more fun as an offensive lineman to run the ball than throw the ball every down."



On the line's progress through fall camp
"I think we have good depth this year. We obviously have better experience. There are guys pushing for starting positions at every position, and that's a great thing because it brings the best out of every single player."

On the season opener being less than two weeks away
"It's awesome. It gets a little old hitting your same teammate every day and it'll be great to bring that against somebody else."

Senior Defensive Tackle Chris Davenport

On how camp has been so far
"Things are going well. We're getting into the game plan for Jackson State. We're working hard. Guys are flying around so and we're just trying to stay active so we can be ready for the game."

On the progress of the defensive line
"The defensive line is going to be wonderful this year. We've got guys like Julius Warmsley and Kenny Welcome, the freshman Tanzel Smart, Royce LaFrance, Andre Robinson coming off the edges. We're going to bring a lot of speed and intensity to the game this year."

On the defense as a whole
"We're working hard to get better, and it's the small things each and every day. That's the thing about our game that we're focusing on. The big plays are going to come in due time, but we just don't know when so we have to be prepared at all times for them."