Head coach Bob Toledo Comments following Day 12 practices
Head coach Bob Toledo Comments following Day 12 practices (file photo)
Head coach Bob Toledo Comments following Day 12 practices (file photo)

Aug. 19, 2008

"We did some good things today. The two minute drill this morning, the goal line practice in the afternoon. Football is a game of situations. Substitutions and situations, and that's where we are at right now. Then, once we game plan, we'll rehearse game plans until we play the game."

On the Constant Rain:
"It's hard. But we got through it. The whole key is that you've got to practice. The only unfortunate thing is when the ball is wet and you can't complete balls and people are slipping...that's the bad part. Hopefully, guys don't get hurt. As long as you can get the practice in, that's my main concern.

On the Westfeldt Practice Facility's Field Turf:
"Oh, if that was grass, I'd be out on the street somewhere. Because you can't practice [in this type of rain on grass].Thank goodness they put that in."

On third-and-short, goal line, and red-zone situations:
"Every day we try to emphasize certain things, and that was our emphasis today. Every day we present the with situations we want them to think about. I talked about third down and one-or-two yards, short yardage situations. Those are only going to happen one, two or maybe times per game, but we have to stop people on defense, you have to convert on offense.

On the team's sumo battles midway through the afternoon session:
"We were going to have our alley drill, but the team had been taking a lot of hits, and I didn't think we really needed as many hits today. So we had a few guys who got some hits, but everyone else was just yelling and having fun. It was a fun thing, more than anything, because they were grabbing each other and seeing who could throw the other down. We did five of them, and the defense won three out of five, so the D only had to run eight sprints instead of 10. It's all about the competition."




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