Down & Dirty



Aug. 17, 2008

As I wake up and look on the schedule, I see that it is another two-a-day practice. Before I went to breakfast at 7:30 a.m., I took a few potassium and magnesium pills to help retain water in my body.

Heading to the Wilson Center, I was glad to see that there was cloud coverage. But when I came out for practice, I was disappointed to see that it was bright. Oh well, sometimes you just have to bear down and do what it takes to play in this game.

After we finished stretching, the clouds came back and that also brought a light breeze with it. The whole team was relieved because the first practice of the day is very physical and fast-paced. After practice I was excited that my body wasn't feeling tight and seemed to be in good shape for a second practice.

Because of the weather we went to an indoor, off campus facility for the afternoon practice. It was cool in there and the turf was pretty soft. We had practice for an hour where the defensive line worked hard in a drill before we had our first scrimmage of camp. I thought that I played okay in the scrimmage, and just tried to make sure that I ran to the ball and hustled.

After the scrimmage we had to condition. I was shocked that I had made it through my first two-a-day since I've been at Tulane. It took me almost five years, but I finally made it!!

They didn't hold us for meetings so Julian Shives-Sams and I went out to Copland's for dinner where I celebrated making it through the day. I think I celebrated too early because before I finished my meal I started cramping in my ribs. When I was able to get up I went back to my room and lied down.

Until the next time, I'll still be,
Reggie Scott