Down & Dirty



Aug. 14, 2008

Today, we had our first two-a-day. The intensity throughout the entire first practice was at an all-time high and it will benefit us down the road to practice at a tempo like this. The best part of the entire day was coming to the realization that as hot as it felt, the actual temperature was only 89 degrees. This was especially disheartening to our newly acquired freshmen who come from the land of zero humidity. The second practice also went well for us although we did have a few guys catch some serious cramps as they exited the ice tubs.

The Olympics have been a blessing in disguise for the team. Each morning while getting ready for practice or in between meetings, the whole team is basically glued to the screen trying to see how the country is faring, no matter what the sport. Usually during camp, we watch the Little League World Series. But the Olympics have provided us with a little culture and variety. Anything to break the monotony of camp is always a blessing.

I look forward to Saturday. It will be our first shot at some true, live action. This will give the defense opportunities to work on tackling as well as our skill positions to work on not getting tackled. Everyday, we obviously run through drills and situations that prepare the players for these things as well, but there is nothing that can prepare you like the real thing.

An improvement that I can see quite easily this year is our team's strength and conditioning. Thus far, we have been able to continue working hard in the weight room just as we did all summer. As a result, guys have been able to keep, if not gain, their strength. Conditioning is also a major turnaround. On a daily basis we are improving our conditioning after practice with hardly anyone falling out. The strength staff has really been crucial in this turn around.

That's all I pretty much have for now. I just wanted to give an update on how things were going to all from someone on the inside's point of view. Sorry on the lack of updates but, as you might guess, we have been kind of busy.



Till next time,